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#388583 by AlanJones Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:53 pm
From: Ambassador Patricia Mahoney - [email protected]
Reply-to: [email protected]
Subject: My Name is Mrs. Patricia Mahoney the new USA Ambassador in Benin Republic
Tel. No.: +22969456138

Embassy Seal US Department of State
U.S. Embassy Cotonou, Benin
34 Agbokou close Gbego Catholic Cotonou,

Good Day Dear,

My Name is Mrs. Patricia Mahoney the new current USA Ambassador in
Benin Republic I was sworn in as Ambassador to the Republic of Benin
on January 18, 2019 while my colleague Ambassador Lucy Tamlyn who is
former u.s ambassador to Benin was sworn in as current U.S.
Ambassador to the Central African Republic on January 11, 2019, I was
very surprised when I came in and found out that you have not yet
received your compensation Fund. In fact I am writing to inform you
about my resent dictating of the deal now going on in Benin Republic
concerning your overdue Compensation Fund worth's of $1.3Mlln USD I
were on a conference meeting earlier four days ago at West African
Monetary Agency Office (MAMA) with the high Authorities in Benin
Republic, during the time of announcement I heard the IMF Director Mr.
Tayo Ojo , trying to announce that your fund
will be canceled and signed unable and confiscated into the Government
treasure and at that point I stopped the declaration when they
mentioned that you are not from Benin Republic.

And to my very surprise again to the very well looking , I tried to
ask why you have not claimed your fund since all this while and answer
was giving that you have Felled to follow up with delivery
instruction were your total fund was registered to be
deliver to you through Diplomatic Delivery method, when the
proof was presented I used the respect I have and the authorities on
my shoulder to recall back your file before the view of every eye
witness and I ordered Mr Tayo Ojo not to declare your fund unable
until I heard from you and know why you have choose to make a such an
incredible decision.

Though without making matters so long again, I am hereby bringing to
your notice that Government has giving me the opportunity to
communicate with you and to help you out to receive your compensation
fund worth's ofd $1.3Mlln USD. Mr. President, Patrick
Talon said that he is compensating those foreigners such as you that
have felled victims and Lottery winners who there fund are in the
hands of wrong people here in his Country and that is why you're
receiving this fund. The worse part of it now
was that Government gives a specific date, signed available for you to
complete this claim and if that date passes an opportunity will be
denied and you will not have access over this again, so I must advice
you to cooperate with me if not I will shows that you have decided to
let it go.

Moreover, I have meet with my Diplomatic agent and Director of the
Bank where the fund are kept two days ago and discussed with him
concerning the release of your fund, and during our conversation, he
brought out your documents and shows me
that his Bank are ready now to release your fund and let you
have your details to start receiving your fund as you wish, but In
other for them to do that, you will have to pay the sum of $100.00
only for a (delivery acceptable release order Certificate) to be
issued in your name and that will be the only Money you will spend
until your total fund is completely
delivery, If you wish to receive it as ATM CARD, Consignment Box or
Bank wire transfer you are to chose.

Peradventure, without much wasting of time, I will like you to
urgently reply me back and send your personal information's such as
your Full name, Your Country, Your City, Your Address,
Your Telephone Number, Your Occupation and a copy of your ID CARD as
required and as soon as i received all this information i will give you
the information on where to send the $100 for the delivery acceptable
release order Certificate) ok, Get back to me so that i give you
information where to send the money if you accept to be ready to
received your fund,

After sending the the Money and you chose as you wish to received
your fund ,i will get back to you for a further communications and
guide lines until your fund is release. As you can see I am very
curious and angry now about the situation on grand and that it's the
reason why I bring out myself to be at your part in this matter. I
will only appreciate your kind of cooperation and respect till we
bring this to an end

I will await your immediate respond.

God bless you. God Bless United State of America.


Ambassador Patricia Mahoney
U.S. Ambassador to Benin
Phone +22969456138
Email; [email protected]

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