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#394351 by Troy Platt Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:15 am
Reply-To: [email protected]
From: Bank Management <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2019 06:13:57 -0700
Subject: First Republic Bank

First Republic Bank
4th, 2 Water-House Square, 138-142
Philadelphia United States

Dear Recipient,

We wish to inform you of a payment instruction from the world bank group and the International monetary fund (IMF) to credit the sum of Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($8.5m) to the listed beneficiary scam victims. We request you furnish us with the information listed below: for easy transfer.

(1). Full Name and Address:
(2). Tel, Cell and Fax Secret:
(3). Your name and address:
(4) International passport or any valid id.
(5) Bank details

Please provide the above information accurately as this office can not be held liable for fraudulent funds liabilities credited to phantom accounts.

Treat this letter very urgently.
Bank Manager
Mrs Olga Tsokova

Google is your friend!

Every email I've posted is a scam. Contacting the email addresses associated with my posts may lead to a loss of money for you. Do not let the scammers know they are posted here!

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