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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Dear Gentlemen,

We have a Tear Sheet Program, where your money NEVER leaves your bank account, therefore, ZERO Risk, NO LOSS RISK, NO FEES at anytime.

How many times do we have clients asking if we have anything available to get their money working, but they don't want to move the money overseas, or take any risks? Well, usually we have to say: "no, sorry, our minimum is $100Million for the privilege of zero risk, blocked funds deal..." and now this program is available where THEY don't even have to block those funds!

$10Million Minimum (where our previous minimum for the last 15 years was $100M, and you needed to Block Funds)

Program Highlights:
~ Pays 15% per week/65% Per Month! Pays weekly or bi weekly, depending on issuing contract/agreement
~No Admin Hold required, No Blocking of Funds Required
~Client can spend their base account funds at anytime, because there is no hold, but the Trade will stop, but there are no holds placed on their funds at any time
~Client can Compound their earnings, simply by requesting another contract on the new balance (in the future)
~Starts paying proceeds about a week after submitting required paperwork
~Must be a Top 50 Bank or Member of the Federal System, and most unusual, it can be a U.S. Bank Account!
~Please no small, tiny banks nobody has heard of, anyone in U.S. can walk across the street and open a Wells Fargo Business Account with Biz License and Taxpayer ID and Drivers Lic
~This has NOT been brought to me through Intermediary or Broker
~Program was brought to me by Master Committment Holder (MCH) of over 30 years
~Treasury Monitored Program, so it is real, and trustworthy
~This is a Strong Consistent source of income for both Client and Consultant

Program Procedures:
~Client Submits Required Paperwork (see below)
~Client is vetted through Platform Due Diligence in about 12 to 24 hours (Chinese Banks take an Extra Day)
~While vetting, Client will undergo a brief telephone call to make sure they are real, not an intermediary, and there is no interference
~Client is given a prelim phone call from Platform and Offered Contract, which can ONLY BE SENT DIRECTLY TO CLIENT!
~Client must be> "....available, engaged, responsive..." as this is Principle to Platform
~Consultant Fees are discussed with Client, and they will pay them each week to Referring Party
~Clients signs Contract "BLUE WET INK" and Returns to Platform
~Platform "Pings" Client Account for the Amount Stipulated in the Agreement/Contract
~At the End of each week, an Audited Statement Issues, for the Amount of Proceeds to be Sent to Client "Beneficiary Account" Stipulated on their CIS
~Proceeds are sent to Paymaster to be forwarded to Client Same day (usually Friday)
~Proceeds will continue as long as Client keeps the amount in their bank which is agreed to by Contract
~Client Instructs their Paymaster to transfer Fees to Consultants same day as their Proceeds are paid to them

Required Paperwork is Simple:
~CIS which should include: Board Res (to trade) ATV, LOI (to trade) at a minimum
~Passport or Driver's License
~Tear Sheet

that's it! very little to discuss, as the Client's money is never in jeopardy, does NOT leave their bank account, and there are guaranteed returns, it's all upside, and no downside.

[PS: ~Will accept "Full KYC" (standardized) International Format, most clients are familiar with that
Please use the Forms in the FULL KYC, as they are fill in the blank, and put them on Client Letterhead]

Marcello Capone
Direct to platform officer

Milano Italy
Mobile: +393442567193
[email protected]

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