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Pics stolen from Veronica Ceban, Entrepreneur in the Netherlands


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Good day Dear, May every single day in this month will bring Joy, happiness, Peace and Prosperity to you and your family. My names are Alisa Pena I am from Belgium, i want us to be friends, i do not know how you feel about it, please reply me back ,I'm sorry if I embarrassed you but I have one purpose of contacting you, and I will explain everything about me, my intention to write to you, including more of my pictures when I got your reply. ( [email protected] ).Am anxiously waiting to receive your mail.Thanks
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Alisapena: good day friends...

I'm looking for: Male Age 30 to 43
Status: 34 Divorced Straight Female
Place: Christchurch West Coast
Interested in: Activity partners
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Life: Homeless :o
Height: 5'5 inches
Body: Thin
Hair eyes: Afro, black :D
Income: Less than $ 15,000 :laugh-s:
Occupation: BANKER
Offspring: none
Country: New Zealand

dont have much story

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Alisa Pena Shr
Lives in Mechelen >>> Belgium
From Mechelen

Alisa Pena Ya
no further info
Friends from India only

Alisa Pena Pal
Studied at: Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith
Lives in Maihar >> India
From Ramnagar, Uttar Pradesh

Alisa Pena Mohit
no further info

Alisa Pena
Lives in London
From London
>500 friends from India :D

Alisa Pena
no further info

Alisa Pena Kyer
Lives in Mons >>> Belgium
From Mons
scammer forgot to delete his own pic :laugh-s:

Add. pics being used in these fake FB profiles:

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Alisa Pena

I love meeting new friends
United Kingdom
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Dear Thanks For Your Respond

How are you today? i will like to be kind and faithful to you, i am a
woman that have seen life, although it does not matter one's age,
color or achievement, what matters in our life is your kindness to

Dear, i believe that is the most important thing in life, I had been
hardworking all my life, i must think of something better, to enjoy my
life and probably have a family maybe relocate and start investing in
other things, Anyway i will like to tell you more about me, My name is
Miss Alisa Pena, am from Belgium, i was born in Belgium, And i left
Belgium at Age of 13 Years to England, which to the glory of God Am
working as an Senior Audit/banker in Al Rayan Bank Plc United Kingdom
is very painful i lost my only daughter at age of 5 years,

i was married but my Ex Husband got married to another woman, which
caused our divorce, but is ok that is life for you, since he accused
me of been so busy due to my bank work activities as
accounting/auditing, that i was not having time for him and our kids
before she passed away, but he refused to understand that i was
pursing a goal, i told him that soon i will resign and we will have
enough time for each other but he was impatient, although is over
between us, I am happy alone because I have everything i need, This is
why I think of relocating to another country to get into investment
and maybe own a small company which
i can be able to manage on my own,
Please would you tell me more about yourself too? I like to know more
about you for me to know if we can achieve this goal together, your
marital status and your country of origin

I will be glad to hear from you soon
Yours Faithful Alisa

From: Alisa Pena <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2019

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