Scams offering fake Au Pair positions
#59541 by ruiaini Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:44 am
don't ever believe him because he is going to refer you to an agency then that agency will let you send payments trough western union

email 1:
From: richard coleman <[email protected]>
Date: Monday, July 18, 2011, 9:02 PM

My name is Richard Coleman i need a very honest,caring, energetic Au pair
for my kids we live in California we are a very happy family that has
had several Au pairs before
Kindly email me regarding to this offer.
Thanks,i have studied your profile very well but while searching your
profiles,but i will love it if your interest can be into my family
because i know that you are the type of Aupair i am in need. I will be
very grateful if i can get a positive reply from you that you accepts
my offer and do not forget to give me your full details as soon as
I Got you email from aupair
A quick response is needed by you as soon as possible.
Kindly reply to this email as soon as possible.
Stay Blessed


HELLO Aupair,

Thanks for your interest in my family.


We have two children: Zachery 4yrs old and Kirsten 2yrs old..Since we
arrived in California(Jan 2006), we had three au-pairs and had wonderful
experiences with them. We are tolerant and respectful of other
cultures and love to meet people from other cultures. I am a
scientist,We live in a 4 bedroom house in California (USA), We are
looking for an au-pair who could take care of the children for 25hours
a week.

Zachery goes to school and is a nice, easy going boy who enjoys playing
indoor with the Wei and with Lego Star-wars constructions and
Kirsten is sweet and cheeky. He loves train tracks, cars, books and hand
and sponge painting. He is a big fans of the little Einstein, Mickey
Mouse Club House and Dora. They both like to dance, chase each , go to
the park playing in the playground or chasing the pigeons.. They are a
good tell me more about your self,give me you phone number

HOME ADDRESS- 2002 west binnacle way,Anaheim,California

You will be entitled to a pay of 1800 DOLLARS every month.

A well furnished Master bed room will be made available for your
personal use soon as you
get here.there will be your personal laptop connected to the internet,
TV and other
necessary gadgets at your disposal.There will be enough privacy for
you,i guess you'll
really like it.

Do you smoke?
Have you worked as an aupair before
How long will you like to work for my family?

Your responsibilities/typical weekly schedule:

My ideal Au pair must have experience with children and enjoy spending
time with them and should be responsible, active and have a positive
attitude. I will need my Au pair to work 25 hours a week. The typical
schedule will involve taking zachery to school and bringing her home
after school activities. You will also need to get Zachery dressed and
play with her throughout your working hours. We are an active family
and would like our Au pair to take the girl outside to play or on
walks at least once a day if the weather is nice.

My families' interests and weekend activities:

We are a very active family and we like to go to concerts, see plays
at the local community theater, play tennis on weekends and take
hiking trips. We would love to have an Au pair that enjoys swimming as
we go to the beach at least twice a month in the summertime and
Kirsten likes to spend the entire day splashing around in the ocean
pretending to be a mermaid. Lilly (the family dog) loves kirsten and
we all go to the park on Sundays. We hope you love the outdoors and
pets too. We try and sit down to dinner together as a family each
night and talk about the days events. This is very important family
time and we hope to have an Au pair who enjoys being part of our

My home description /community:

OUR HOME is a lovely place with tree-lined streets. Our town is quiet,
and very safe. There are also a lot of fun activities for you to do in
your spare time. There are 2 major shopping areas, beautiful parks,
great restaurants, quiet cafes and many other entertainment spots.

Once again we congratulate you and look forward to welcoming you.

If you do not have a visa and work permit,you can contact the US immigration
support for your visa and work permit,they have helped all my worker in
getting their visa and work permit,contact them on
[email protected]



they even try to send me picsd but i don't know how to post the pic in here

#59814 by jolly_roger Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:33 am
Well done ruiaini. The same email can be seen on the page, viewtopic.php?f=34&t=18069
The scammer is giving a different name there. Does the rest sound familiar?

Here is another scam dated September 2008 and using the same residential address.

Dear Au pair,
My name is Mr karol Zwiruk i live in Anaheim,California United States,Presently im in United Kingdom for execution of my new products to my clients.idon't usually stays at home unless during the weekends.I do believe in God so much and what about you? My contact address is :2002 west binnacleway,Anaheim,California.I have just 2 kids for now and their names are Zachery 12yrs old,Kirsten 8yrs old.I want an honest caring and clean Aupair for them they're only one who will be left at home because work
will be transfering there mother to Canada. I have an apartment room for anyone that will be taking care of my kids in my house and i will be paying you $3,700 monthly and a pocket money of $300.00 weekly so you can use it buy something for yourself and i will also be paying 60% of the money for your traveling documents like your flight ticket and visa. Your responsibility in my house is just to take good care of my kids cook for them hope you know how to cook?, you will also be taking them out for shopping and will be leading them to there school with driver coz i've a good driver that drove them to the school just about 5km to the house. I've arranged a private room,bathroom,toilet for you and if you wish to be having a free period from 5pm to 7pm is accepted by me. Please only reply if you truely serious about this job and ready to comply with my policy, We want to employ you for just 12 months only. Do you have a valid U.S visa? if NO i will direct you to my travel agency here in the state that will help you secure your visa down here within 15 working days so that it will be more easier and faster for you to arrive for the job. there service is very fast,secure and affordable. Presently am in United Kingdom for a business and i'll be back to the state in 2 weeks. If you've any question about the job you can reach me on this number +447031949930.

Hope to hear from you asap.

Karol Zwiruk.
#64641 by Chris Fuller Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:43 am
The scammer calling himself Richard Coleman also pretends to live in the UK. This email, however, was not sent from the UK, it was sent from Nigeria, as proven by the IP address: - Lagos, Nigeria.

From: richard coleman <[email protected]>

Hello ,

I am Richard Coleman ,From United Kingdom, I work as a scientist, am happily married and blessed with 2 kids. Cole 3 years and Jane 5 years. My kids are very intelligent and very cool. We are looking for an AuPair or Nanny that is flexible with our time, My wife Mrs. Kate on the other hand will have varying work hours, but would be very considerate to your time as well. For the past year She have been a full-time student and mom, and have just recently graduated. She have just returned back to full-time work and feel as though my children would be best served by having a nanny or an aupair. We are looking for someone that we can treat as part of our family/friend and not just as a nanny/aupair. my wife and I are easy to get along with you, want to make you feel comfortable and at home, we love someone who is honest,trustworthy and understanding and we would like our aupair/nanny to be a comfortable care giving partner/companion/friend who is caring, flexible, and will have fun with our family.
Since my wife and i will not be around until weekends, I would also love our au pair to go shopping with us, go out to eat with us, go to the movies with us, participate in family events, go on trips with us (we love going to amusement parks), share holidays with us, etc.--become a part of our family. We really want someone who will pro actively talk, sing, laugh, interact, engage with the kids. We would really enjoy a light-hearted, fun, and enthusiastic person who's ready for a neat English experience with a young, active family. We have an extremely supporting family here in the area, and the children's grandparents play very active roles in their lives.
And the working hour is just about 7 hours per day and your responsibility in my house is just to take care of my Kids,take them shopping ,taking them to the school, if you can drive then you will drive them to school and if you cannot drive then you will take a cab, And also you have a private room bathroom toilet, TV, personal Computer. We are looking forward to the opportunity of meeting you and having you become a part of our happy family.

As for how long you can work for my family, well I think that completely depends on how long you would like to work here with me but left to me, I do not intend to see you off in the next 2-3 years because I really would need your services. I will be very grateful if you respond better to me. You have nothing to worry about you will be treated like one of the family and you will have 5 days to work in a week and 2 days as your off days that is to be Saturdays and Sundays. You will have the opportunity to do what ever you want to for you own good on weekends but provided they are worth doing.

I already discussed about you with my little Angels, they seem to like you despite the fact that they are yet to neither see nor talk with you. Well hope to hear from you the soonest possible.

Warmest regards from,
Mrs Richard Coleman
#64651 by began steele Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:59 am
I am totally informed about the children now, as I hope you all are.

Zachery goes to school and is a nice, easy going boy who enjoys playing
indoor with the Wei and with Lego Star-wars constructions and

The typical schedule will involve taking zachery to school and bringing her home
after school activities. You will also need to get Zachery dressed and
play with her throughout your working hours.We are an active family
and would like our Au pair to take the girl outside to play or on
walks at least once a day if the weather is nice.

Kirsten is a Swedish, Danish and Norwegian form of the name Christina.

Kirsten is sweet and cheeky.He loves train tracks, cars, books and hand
and sponge painting.He is a big fans of the little Einstein, Mickey
Mouse Club House and Dora.

We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~~ George Orwell.
#65990 by Chris Fuller Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:59 am
This is a stolen photograph used by this scammer.


The following email was also sent from Nigeria; IP address - Lagos, Nigeria. The travel agency is fake, and is part of the scam.

From: richard coleman <[email protected]>


I seriously appreciate your rapid reply knowing you are willing and ready to be part of my family. I really need you to come over here to assist me take proper care of my wonderful Angels since I hardly have the time for them just as I previously explained, so I would appreciate you come over here if possible before next weekend, but let me ask a question. Do you have visa and work permit...? If you don't have visa and work permit, I would advise you email my Travel Agency to help you for the UK Visa and Work Permit, here is the link through which you can contact them ([email protected]) Do not hesitate to let them know you are from me as there could be some consideration in the charges so explain all you need for the traveling to UK to them and I assure that I will assist you with half of what so ever amount needed for the processing of your Visa and Work Permit just to justify how urgent I need your services here as well as how serious I am about your coming down to work for my family as an Au Pair, so for now, do consider the job yours.

Warm Regards


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