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#74956 by krf70au Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:22 am
I was contacted by Sgt Major George Williams Morrison on Skype, after only a few days stated his love for me (ha). After a few emails and Chatting on Skype and Yahoo messenger I received the below email:

"From: George Morrison <[email protected]>
To: me
Sent: Tuesday, 22 November 2011 7:56 PM
Subject: Hi Honey... Very Confidential...

Hi honey

As I told you during our chat that there is something I would want to share with in regards to what happen forth night ago when we got information of some Al-Qaeda terrorist group hideout, where the series of bomb attacks has been plan. We went to raid their hide out and it was not all that easy.

During the raid I came across two suitcases full with money in their hide out, and we found out they were going to use this money to buy guns and other weapons for bombs attack, when we got back I had to keep this money inside the suitcases hidden here in Afghanistan, Because I am not ready to leave now and will not even be leaving now until my vacation. I did not include this in my report marking so I was really thinking and finding ways & means to get this suitcases out of here as soon as possible. You know am a public figure and there are lot of eyes on me and people monitoring me But God been good, A red cross diplomatic from Afghanistan was leaving for Ghana to take up a new assignment, so I ask him to help me take it out and then latter someone close to me will contact him for the delivery to them.

And all of a sudden I taught of you since you are in the legal feed you could help me receive these suitcases and then we both can plan on how we would make good use of it as we have business that we need to invest it on. As we don't have lot of time, So that you will know what to tell the diplomat.

Hope you keep it all to yourself until we both get it sorted out.

Respond to me on chat honey.
love you

Your Husband.

I say no but he kept hasselling me about it and gave me and email address of the diplomat.
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