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#27094 by Jillian Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:30 pm
Welcome Scambaiters! We're happy to have you participating here. Profiling scammers, posting the information and documents they use, or simply posting scam formats here does help to save people from scams.

Please read the following information for tips on how you can best participate effectively and let us know if you have any questions.

  • We require evidence of the scam to be included with all information posted about scammers here. Please post the scam email, including email header containing email address and IP. Please make sure to remove all instances of your own email address, even if it is a baiting address.

  • Please use a new topic for each scammer. You may continue to add aliases or other information that scammer uses to the thread. Ongoing threads can also be used for scams using the same name, such as the specific name of a bank or supposed lottery. Please do not group scams on one thread by general scam type or categories such as "widows" as this could lead to very long threads that are less user-friendly for readers. Posting scam scripts, one per thread, is very acceptable.

  • Please use a subject line that lists the scammer's name and/or email address. The type of scam can be added for posts in multipurpose forums such as "Various financial scams" "scams targeting businesses" or "employment scams". An example would be adding "Mystery Shopper scam" after the name of the scammer when posting a format in the Employment Scams forum.

  • When posting images, please mark them as "Fake", "Scammer" or "Used by a Scammer". For a quick guide on posting images on the forum, please see this thread: Click for guidelines in documents and photos forum Please note that altering the images too much may prevent them from showing up as a match with image-search programs such as tineye. Stock photos of people are probably best marked simply; passports and other documents that are harder for scammers to make should be marked more thoroughly to prevent scammer re-use.

  • When providing information to explain a scam, please be mindful that scammers do read here and we walk a line between educating victims and trying not to educate scammers. This can be tricky. An example of one way to do this is pointing out that the salary listed for a fake job is a completely unreasonable amount but not pointing out what the appropriate amount would be.

  • You're more than welcome to bait any of the scammers listed here. In fact, we advocate you doing so to keep the scammers busy! Please be aware, however, that you may NOT begin a bait by connecting to the victims or posters here, or ScamWarners, in any way. It puts the posters here at risk and may lead the scammers to our site.

  • Please help us by using the post reporting function to alert us to posts needing moderator attention for editing or removal.

  • Please remember that the audience for ScamWarners is very different than that at a Scambaiting site and that not everyone participating here speaks English as a first language. We are here to inform, assist and support victims and potential victims with information that is as clear as possible. To that end, please note the following:
    - Please refrain from using humor or sarcasm to describe the scam, instead, please post factual information for why it is a scam.
    - Please refrain from using language and abbreviations that are scambaiter jargon and may be unclear to others, such as "NOK", lad, vlad, RSOT, etc.
    - Please refrain from discussing Scambaiting or posting any of your own emails to the scammer. Victims are encouraged to stop all contact and it becomes confusing if you appear to be happily corresponding with a scammer.

We have zero tolerance for any posts judging victims, even when in general terms. Please report any such posts you see.

We're very happy to have you participating in our efforts against scammers. Thank you for contributing.

For anyone reading this information who isn't familiar with Scambaiting, please visit our sister site, http://www.419Eater.com

Have you sent a payment to a scammer with Western Union and now realize it's a scam? If the payment has not been picked up, you can cancel it immediately! 1-800-448-1492

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