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#315359 by HannahsDad Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:45 pm
Empire Asset Investments at http://empireassetinvestments.com

Empire Asset Investments is a private, leading global alternative asset manager with approximately $87 billion of assets under management ("AUM") and approximately 800 employees. We seek to deliver attractive performance to our investor base across our investment groups and strategies, including tradable credit (long-only and alternative credit), direct lending, private equity and real estate (debt and equity). The firm is headquartered in Hong Kong.

Empire Asset Investments believes each of its investment groups is a market leader based on assets under management and investment performance. Our four distinct but complementary investment groups have the ability to invest in all levels of a company’s capital structure—from senior debt to common equity. The Firm was built upon the fundamental principle that each group benefits from being part of the broader platform. We believe the synergies from this multi-asset strategy provide our professionals with insights into industry trends, access to significant deal flow and the ability to assess relative value. Since our inception in 1990, we have adhered to a disciplined investment philosophy that focuses on delivering strong risk-adjusted investment returns through market cycles. We strive to maintain a consistent credit-based approach in targeting well-structured investments in high quality businesses and real estate assets.

You might want to compare that with the legitimate Ares at https://www.aresmgmt.com/about-ares

Empire Asset Investments L.L.C. is a limited liability company incorporated under Hong Kong. law. The company is registered with the Department of Economic Development of Hong Kong (Cr. 1142107) and has its principal place of business at 7th Floor, Suite 7013, Cheung Kong Centre, 2 Queens Road, Central Hong Kong

EAI is licenced by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates to act as a financial and monetary intermediary in the conduct of financial and monetary brokerage business for the sale and purchase of currencies and intermediating in money market transactions as permitted in accordance with Central Bank Resolution Number 116/7/205 (as amended) and to carry out certain categories of financial investment business as permitted under Central Bank Resolution Number 173/3/1997 (as amended).

You can see the UAE Central Bank's list of intermediaries here: http://www.centralbank.ae/en/pdf/bsed/L ... 092014.pdf

Empire Asset Investment L.L.C
7th Floor, Suite 7013, Cheung Kong Centre, 2 Queens Road, Central Hong Kong
Suite 11023 110 Wall Street 5th Tower New York, NY 10005 USA
Tel: +1 646 506 4953
Email: [email protected]
2 Park Avenue 20th Floor, NY 10016 USA

Created 7th March 2016 for 1 year only
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