Fake banks, couriers, law firms, escrow and other fake sites used in scams.
#166512 by HannahsDad Wed May 22, 2013 3:14 pm
Royal Logistics at http://www.royallogistics.mobi appears to be a recycled safe-megafright-shipping.com as described here: http://netscammers.blogspot.co.uk/2011_ ... chive.html
Since 1987, our company has been more than a shipping company. It is a company built on integrity.
Our Third Party Agency is the Internet's Secure Provider of Global Payments Solutions
Established in 2001, Third Party Agency is a leading provider of e-business development and integration services

The domain was registered on 1st April 2013 for 1 year only by someone in Spain
Online exchange services provided by Our Third Party Agency are provided independently and exclusively by Internet Exchange Solutions INC, one of its operating subsidiaries, IES is fully licensed and accredited as an exchange company and is subject to compliance with all applicable exchange regulations, including the US Financial and Business Code.

Technology moves almost as fast as Deal Shipping does. Satellite tracking provided by Qualcomm allows all of Royal-Logistics (PVT) LTD's customers to log on to the web site to get the exact location of their car transport vehicle en route.

For the past years, Royal-Logistics (PVT) LTD has been the auto transport company of choice. With the most experience in the industry and the highest quality trucks and training for its employees, Royal-Logistics (PVT) LTD will make your vehicle Transaction as simple and worry-free as is possible.

We, the folks at Royal-Logistics (PVT) LTD are shipping everything you desire to anywhere in the world, just say it and we will do it. The only small things we ask of you are:

1. Use a Corrugated Box
2. Provide Internal Protection
3. Close the Box Securely
4. Use Proper Labeling

Contact us by email at: [email protected]
Contact us by phone at: +4408704799171 (non-geographic, premium rate number)
Contact us by mail at:
Royal-Logistics (PVT) LTD
402 Bath Road,
United Kingdom

Address associated with Trans-Atlantic (PVT) LTD (see http://www.scambook.com/company/view/27 ... ex-TW4-7RP ) and Ganaxmi Ltd (08509519, incorporated 30/04/2013)
In the process of being reported as fraudulent


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