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from: TNT Delivery <[email protected]>
to: Michelle Banks
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Welcome to TNT Global Air Express

Our company is the WORLD market leader in Global Air Express and international mail services.

Third Party Service reduces risks associated with Internet transactions by acting as a licensed neutral third party for online transactions. The Owner delivers the package to one of nearest TNT Global Air Express agents for the evaluation of contents. The package will remain in the company custody until the receiver will send the payment by Priority Service Bank Transfer. After verifying the funds, TNT Global Air Express is ready to ship the parcel to the designated address.

NOTE: We order to avoid the earlier pick up of the funds by the shipper based on fact that he is aware of the sent payment - we are thanking you for choosing our third party service for your transactions - which will be revealed to the shipper along with all the transaction details after the delivery and your clearance. Consider this security measure if you have not dealt with the Owner before and you believe that this is in your best interest.

Owner Information
Full Name Mattias Mattsson
Address 44 Edgware Road
London, W2 1ED
Country United Kingdom
Status Approved
Tenant Information
Full Name Michelle banks
Address 419 Rue De La Remarks
Reykjavik, 101
Country Iceland
Status Approved
Shipment Information:

Service: TNT Global Air Express
Delivered In: 3 Days
Description of goods: Apartment Keys and Rental Contract verified signed by the Sender. All the papers are double checked.
Shipping & Handling: ISK 0,00
Immediate payment: ISK 200000,00

NOTE: You will receive the Tracking Number after the payment is confirmed to us.

Payment Information:
The TNT Tenant Protection service guarantees to its customers full safety for their transactions by collecting, holding and disputing funds according to Tenant and Owner instructions. To enjoy the purchase protection, you must submit payment by Urgent Transfer (Priority Service Bank Transfer) to the following TNT Representative bank account. You will pay some additional fees but in this way we will be able to receive the funds in 24 Hours and we will start the shipping immediately.

How to send the payment:

Send the payment by Bank Transfer (Priority Service) using the following TNT Representative account Details :

TNT Representative Account Name : TNT Holdings
Beneficiary Bank Name : BARCLAYS
Beneficiary Bank IBAN : GB20 BARC 2032 0643 6324 xx
Beneficiary Bank Account Number : 436324xx Sort Code: 203206
Beneficiary Bank Swift Code : BARCGB22
Beneficiary Bank Address : 61 Westrow Dr
Beneficiary Bank City : London
Beneficiary Bank Zip Code : N22 8QX
Beneficiary Bank Country : United Kingdom

How to complete and confirm payment :

1.The payment must be sent by bank transfer to the bank account of our TNT Representative.
2. After payment is complete send us the receipt from your bank by FAX and e-mail ( [email protected] ).
3. E-mail us the serial numbers of the payment receipt document.
4. Fax the payment receipt to our fax number: (+44) 1473 883 432

*** Once the bank transfer clears and our TNT Representative confirms payment, we will start the shipping process. We will hold the funds until you send us your confirmation that you are satisfied with the Apartment . As soon as we receive your confirmation we will release payment to the Owner.


TNT Protection Department!


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