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Romance Scammer - Keith Thomas Walter - [email protected]

Fake Facebook profile -

Chat (Google translated to English from victims native language)

Hi XXX nice to meet you. I'm Thomas from Florida, USA. I currently live in Manchester UK, I am 49 years old. I years ago my wife lost sex, and I have something for every woman feel, never, because I love my wife. I saw your profile and I really want to know more about you. Can you please tell me more about yourself?

I saw your profile and I liked getting to know you better. Can you please tell me more about yourself?
Looking for a honest, loyal, loving, romantic, humorous, respectful and fond of children s partner. I have no children and love my job
Good "smile" -Emoticon Well, I was married, with no children, and I lost my wife 6 years ago. Since then I have been single and to start looking for caring, honest and understanding woman, my life with. Have you traveled from your country before?

I am an engineer / petrochemical and you?

I love to start a long and serious relationship with you. What are you saying?

I am very optimistic person, and I know it will bring good things. All I need is your heart

I am very gentle and kind man. I know that, as is all about. Positively and focus So I like you and I need you your business in the life in order

All I need is your heart and love, and I can settle with you in your country in order.

For real. Well, that's why I need you so much, because, as I lost my wife, I have no feelings for any woman until I saw your profile, when I was looking for a friend on FB. All I need from you is your heart and confidence, because I really love to spend the rest of my life with an honest and caring woman. My heart you believed and that's why I make sure I have time, always check on you. Do you understand?
I understand you, you're very pretty and so loving. and would love to learn to love you and maybe grow old with you

I promise to always respect you as my future partner and I expect the same from you in order. I would prefer you to call and hear your sweet voice but my dear here on the sea, we can not be called until we land. But do not worry, I will always make sure that you are happy in order

I love you too, good night and sweet dreams until morning, take care of you

I want to have a sweet and wonderful dreams, and I'm going to make you a very happy woman in your life ok

No matter what I do, I only see you.My heart is overflowing, beating so hard and loud, while I walk around with my head in the clouds My stomach is full of butterflies, and my eyes are full of stars! o You know how much I care about you,
and how special you are?

Hello my dear, good morning and how was your night. I'll be busy today. So I want to talk to you later in the evening in order. I love you so much, my darling angel.

hello my darling angel, good morning and how was your night. Please try to talk to me this evening, because I miss you so much and I can not help myself. Hope you have a good day. I love you "smile" -Emoticon

my day was not good at all. I wonder if you are not serious with me, because I was very worried. I miss you too my favorite, and I do not like. I do not want to you loss to another man in order.

Do you really love me my favorite and want me to come, my dear. I ask because I know I'm very busy with my work, but I'll try to do something to a time squeeze out other, to make sure that everyone we see. For I am not comfortable online ok

I love you so much from the bottom of my heart my darling and I'll try and talk to the general manager, to see if I will be given a few weeks out of the office, so I come to XXX and see you , I really want to see us, and let agree a ghost alright. Should I go ahead and ask my general control for two weeks from, my dear?

I've never been in love again, since I lost my wife, but I'm really in love with you, and what I need is to have you with me, because I have no time for Facebook always to do in the way of my work. I want to speak in my controller morning to see what come out, and I'll let you know. I'm afriad he could not agree, because we now do on the sea oil classification.

Yes, my dear, I have shown him your picture, and also told my staff, you my wife, and we will get married soon. I'm going to let him know that we fix date for our marriage and I'm going to need him to give me permission. But my dear, I'm really scared because I play a very important rule here and it will finish us more than two months, I do not willing to accept, because I do not want another man's wife, who I love to take.

Hello my darling, and how you're doing. I miss you so much. I am very sad that I was very busy with work today. Again, I'm going, you can the result of my discussion with my controller know, but that will be when you are available online here properly. Hope you do well, my love. I was serious about you think overall today and I know you do great are. My love, I'll be waiting to have a chat with you well. Thank you for your wishes. kisses

I miss you so much, my dear. I wanted to discuss with you about my discussion with the controller, but you were not here.

my love I talked to my controller about my decision, and he agreed on one condition, that I need a replacement. I need someone who will replace me when I'm gone. And I think there is a problem, because the person who will replace me, is in the state right now.

ok let the name that you use to send me them to you. They are Email Us. How much you may be able to send my love?

Ok my favorite. I let my controller know that my wife's money to be sent to the man who will be in my name here. The controller guides that to the man sent the money secretary.

Recipient Name: Joy Juanita Farrow
Street address:. 5535 Columbia Pike # 511 Arlington, VA 22204, USA

Please my love I must be out of here by Monday. So let me know if you to send in a position tomorrow, so I get ready to leave my stuff?

The scammer also gave the victim the following bank account to send money to

Citibank Bank
Acc: 9992687458
Rou: 021000089
Swift code: CITIUS33
Name: Okechukwu Nwofor
Bank Adresse: 1992 Ralph Ave Brooklyn beliebige 11234
Adresse: 954 E 99ST Brooklyn NY 11236

Stolen photos used

Image Image Image

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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