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Username: bellafaith
Name: bella
Location: Dothan, Alabama, United States
Age: 30
Gender: Male
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Bella F
Member Since: September 15, 2012
Gender: Male - a hermaphrodite again :=)
Location: Decatur, AL
Age: 30

the scammer is from Nigeria and already documented here ... 1&p=239087

pics stolen from a Brasilian woman, Maira Laís C.
has hundreds of pics to steal on picassa
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To [email protected]
Opened 2012/12/18
Location Providence, Utah, United States (86% likelihood)
Opened on (

IPS: Softlayer Technoligies Inc. --- scammers' favorite
Organization: Hosting Services
Services: Suspected network sharing device
Recently reported forum spam source. (2)
Type: Corporate
Country: United States
State/Region: Utah
City: Providence
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I am bellaby the name..I am new to this online stuff but i will try to introduce myself.I'm 30 years ,5'7 tall and 135 lbs.i enjoy traveling,swimming,golf,bowling,Reading and going to the movies,mostly out doors activities..I also enjoy listening to music,i don't have a favorite,it depend on my mood...I have been single for the three years now..I have been married and also have son by his name (terry)..I pray to get married and have kids to my new man in the future,I believe that the dream of all couples of have a lovely family in the future..I'm a lady with a joyful character, independent, optimistic, respectful, sensual,i also consider myself attractive..For a living,I am caterer..I don't have any pet for now,but i am thinking to have a Dog in the future,Dogs are every humans best friends.Do you have any pet?I am divorcee and searching for a Trustworthy,Loving,Honest,Loyal,Caring,Family Oriented,Non Drug Addict,Understanding man..I hope that not much to as for,from a partner.I believe distance is a thing we can work on if things works out...I want someone that at the end of the day you go home and talk about your day and just get joy out of being in their presence.I have once been in a relationship for two years.My ex lied and cheated on me,he also
deals with drugs,I vowed not to be with him anymore because that wasn't what i was searching for from a relationship..I don't want that to happen to me again..I am searching for a relationship i will be happy in.I want to be happy again,i want to love ..I want you to know that i am the only child of my parents..I lost my parents to hurricane Katrina that was the saddest day of my life,there were on a vacation when that horrible disaster happened...I can't forget that horrible day,That was the saddest day of my life.I have to leave the past behind me and think of the future,i need to move forward in life..I always send them Special prayers every Sunday.I miss them so much..I will like you to tell me more about yourself ..
Hope to hear from you......................................................

isn't the English hilarious :oh-joy: ???

Received: from []
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012
From: Bella Faith <[email protected]>



#140420 by Dotti Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:30 am
Can't miss the African English there.

I lost my parents to hurricane Katrina that was the saddest day of my life

This is a perfect example of how low these scammers will go. The real person sending these letters is a young African, most likely male. His parents are most likely still alive. He takes a terrible tragedy that resulted in a huge loss of life, and uses it to get a few extra sympathy points for his fake character. Scammers have even used photos of people who died tragically in their scams.

Need to post photos?
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email address now in use on FB
Bella Faith
Works at Precious stones

Image Image ---porn star Josiemodel
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Abigail Stewart on ts
25, Woman, Single
Pátra, Greece
Looks for: Single Man
55 - 85 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship

Image also pic on hangout

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Am a very humble person but I don't need any fake people in my life.

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Am a teacher

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