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#161142 by liveandlearn2 Sun Apr 07, 2013 7:10 pm
Can't get a break. Here's another scammer claiming to live close to me. Only second e-mail, but I was suspicious and looked up his header information.

[email protected]. Claims to be and engineer. Another one I met on Christian Mingles. Thanks to your site, I was able to detect his issues immediately. Feeling like a "scam hunter". Thanks for your site. :=)

#161164 by Dotti Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:57 pm
Please post the messages he sent you.

Scammers will often use thee exact same approach again and again, even after they change names, so later, when he changes to a new name, they may help us to help another victim to understand that she is dealing with a scammer based on the messages.

Need to post photos?
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#161190 by Grunt Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:04 am
To [email protected]
Closed 2013/04/08
Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (86% likelihood)
Opened on (

Good Evening xxx

Thanks for writing. ...I'm so happy with a big smile on my face to get an email from you .... now i feel more comfortable as we are making a step towards knowing each other by taking time to mail each other. I like your profile so much and i am so glad we connected( communication is one of the major keys in building a relationship) I'm really new on the site and was on here for a short time but i really don't think its as easy as it seems to find a partner, it was interesting meeting a couple people on there but don't think i was interested to continue communication with them that's why i didn't bother to extend my period, You are gorgeous, well outspoken and write well, it was so easy for you to describe your self you sound so much like a woman that i would like to know more about.

I value writing, as it's often a good index of one's ability to communicate and is an effective start to determining compatibility, I am a Construction Engineer. ( a self employed contractor and an architect ) i specializes in reinforced concrete structures and pipe line. Trust me creativity is a great job! i am emotionally and financially secured and would appreciate a partner that is like wise... Like i said in my profile am currently working on some projects which makes my schedule pretty tight. I am one with nature and i admire a partner that is ... i am a very easy going man and appreciate a woman that's knows what she wants in a relationship and is not afraid to show her feelings and at the same time happy with herself and willing to make a relationship work. i was born in Germany and raised in France, both parent are from Frankfurt Germany , did some travelings to the state with my dad while i was young, my dad was an international business man. Have been in the state for 20-years now, both my parents are late, lost my Dad while i was young and my Mom a year back, Am the only child of my parent. I have not been in a serious relationship since i lost my wife, Am a widow for 6-years with one lovely daughters, i tried attempted getting into a relationship again but it was with a wrong person that wanted nothing but sex , love is hard to find so I'm seeking for a chance to steal that opportunity that comes my way... i decided to wait for the right time for the right person in my life... But i realize that it just don't come that way - You set it in motion and that's why i joined the site.... and here we go talking to each other. i think i was lucky to meet before leaving... I hope we make a perfect match and a great relationship

Though I'm not desperate, I'm strongly prepared and ready for a relationship filled with fun with someone with similar beliefs and interest, Someone that knows the joy of being in a relationship and understand that Love is the only way to be happy, and its in you!.. I am a man of my words ..I am honest. truthful. patient , tolerant, Loving , sweet, caring , romantic, passionate and responsible.... I am a happy person with a Golden heart, A man with a good or Golden heart deserves much comfort from you... You can trust me with your heart ... I know how to treat and make a woman feel special cos i have been there before and i know what it takes...

The Bible says Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! I want to be happy in a relationship - i am not desperate but i need someone to Love and also love me in return... i am willing to give my best to make a relationship work .. i do not ask too much, A relationship requires 100/100 commitment from both partners but I'm willing to put in more effort.. I'm not searching for someone perfect ( cos I'm not perfect either) but someone that has the qualities to make a relationship beautiful and fun.... and has been there before. I am really good in a relationship, i know what a woman wants .. i believe 2 positive people that knows what they seek in a relationship can make things happen as long as they know what they want .. we are both matured adults... i like to know about you as well.

Now your turn ...How long have you been on this online dating stuff ? Lets share a little of your experience about the online dating stuff and CM together, Have you met and dated anyone on CM .were you on any other dating sites....what are your interests ?, What are your hobbies? What do you seek in a relationship? What kind of woman are you and what kind of man do you want.....Tell me more about yourself. Lets share some new experiences together, let's see what we can learn from each other, Hoping you won't let bad experiences from the past interfere with a chance for happiness in the future. Coming into a new relationship with open mind and heart will provide the best chance for the closeness we both seek. Home is where the heart is. I really look forward to hearing from you --- Until then, Take care of your self and stay Blessed

Hugs Stephen
From: Stephen Andrew <[email protected]>
X-Originating-IP: []
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2013
#202405 by Grunt Wed May 21, 2014 1:50 pm
Good Morning, How are you doing Today? it been a while i Just uploaded some new picture on match. Just click on this like MATCH.COM to view the important pictures, hope you comment have a nice day

From: Stephen Andrew <[email protected]>
X-Originating-IP: []
Date: Wed, 21 May 2014
Organization: Database by Design, LLC
Type: Corporate
Country: United States
State/Region: Pennsylvania
City: Philadelphia

this scammer here
also uses this IP

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