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General interest articles and news
Anti Fraud News - Regularly Updated News and Tips on Various Scams
The Register - Link between internet fraud and terrorism?
The Register - 419related murder trial
The Register - Fake Metropolitan Police site launched
The Register - Dutch police arrest 111 suspects
The Register - European e-crime portal scheme floated

News and articles on victims of fraud
*Please note - you may find some of the details in these stories distressing.*
News 24 – Greek citizen murdered in South Africa
Suicide of scam victim
BBC News – British citizen kidnapped and tortured
Dispatch Online - Japanese man kidnapped and escapes
Security Focus - Financial advisor steals from clients to pay a 419 scammer
NZ Herald – Grandmother scams her neighbours and blames 419
The Register - Wife blames row over lottery scam for shooting her husband
SF Gate – Check scam victim jailed

Advance fee fraud
Reports on wash-wash or black money being used in scams from BBC News and Gulf News
New Yorker magazine article 'The Perfect Mark'
JS Online – Victim scammed for two years

Auctions & online selling
The Register - Anatomy of an Ebay scam
News item about reshipping where victim is used to hide the scammer's tracks

Charity scams
ABC News – Fake Hurricane Katrina charity scam
VNU Net - Virginia Tech shooting charity scam
BBC News – Indonesian Tsunami charity scam

Check and job/representative scams
CBS News - Check scam victim loses $8,000 and gets arrested
CBS News – Check scam victims lose $7,200

Fake banks
The Register - Fake shipping sites launched
BBC News – fake bank cons victims
MSNBC News - fake bank used in scam

Escrow scams
Consumer Webwatch

FraudAid - Lottery scam alerts
The Register - Wife blames row over lottery scam for shooting her husband
BBC News – Multi-million pound lottery phone scam
BBC News – fake Canadian lottery cons Britons
BBC News – Phone lottery scams
4NI - N Ireland public warned about fake Spanish lottery

Love scams
CNN - Russian dating scams exposed
BBC - dating scams warning
VNUNet - Man loses £16,000 in love scam
MSNBC - Scammers target singles’ chat rooms

Learn about scammers' fake sites at aa419. Report scams to the Internet Crime Complaint Centre at IC3.

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October 14, 20217:56 AM CEST
Future of Money
Welcome to Britain, the bank scam capital of the world
By Lawrence White and Iain Withers

Fraudsters steal $1 billion in just six months - industry data
Tech giants in focus as crooks take advantage of social media

LONDON, Oct 14 (Reuters) - It was an email offering a discount on an electric toothbrush that began the sequence of events that ruined Anna's life.

https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/welcom ... 021-10-14/
#430322 by Arnold Fri Jan 14, 2022 4:28 pm
https://www.eastbourneherald.co.uk/news ... en-3528135

Romance fraud in Sussex: police warn people looking for love after £4 million stolen
Anna (not her real name) believed she was in a genuine relationship with Andrew for more than two years when she realised she’d been the victim of a romance fraud and reported this to Sussex Police in October with financial losses amounting to around £350,000,” the police spokesperson said.

#431565 by Ian Page Tue Mar 22, 2022 4:43 am
All types of scams old and new are on the increase.

https://news.sky.com/story/fraud-warnin ... s-12572384

Here are the 12 "emerging fraud threats" identified by Which?, with the year-on-year increase in reports of such scams to Action Fraud in brackets and the average scam loss:

1. Online shopping/auction scams (14%), £650

2. "Other" advance fee fraud - where scammers ask someone to pay money upfront for fictional goods or rewards (15%), £1,296

3. Offline shopping fraud - this could include buying goods from a newspaper advert in person or on the high street (14%), £2,692

4. Computer repair fraud (24%), £1,448

5. "Other" investment fraud - financial fraud perhaps involving foreign exchange, cryptocurrency or investment seminars (34%), £24,089

6. Dating scams (39%), £10,349

7. Boiler room scams (57%), £24,887

8. Rental fraud (11%), £1,531

9. Phone fraud - fraudsters may pose as a mobile network to offer non-existent or worthless insurance, or scams may involve missed calls or texts that charge premium rates when someone replies (48%), £252

10. Pyramid/Ponzi schemes - investment scams may pay earlier investors with money taken from later investors, but the flow of new investors eventually runs out and so do the returns (59%), £50,429

11. Fraud recovery scams - when someone is asked to pay a fee to someone who pretends they can recover money you lost to a previous fraud (33%), £17,598

12. "419" advance fee fraud - these scams involve a bogus request from a stranger to pay an admin fee to help move money from one country to another in return for a portion of the money (61%), £2,563

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