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#9848 by juliettatum Wed May 20, 2009 3:35 pm
using Stacey Alice - [email protected]
and Sila Lora - [email protected]

It's really nice to hear back from you quickly,it shows your effectiveness and i think I'm going to be satisfied if i let you handle the cleaner job,I'm looking for a good and honest person to help with the cleaning my two homes and my garden with my moms home,one is a mansion and the second home is a duplex ,and my moms in the duplex,so which ever location you can clean please indicated i need someone who is honest cause I'm a nurse and also do business and I'm presently out of the states,i want the moving to be done before i get back to the states in May 20,i already made arrangements for who will be paying you through check for a clean and nice job ,my care taker will be showing you the Home apts and garden you will clean so the locations shouldn't be a problem since he will there to help you,i will be calling the care taker so he can be around the house when you will be cleaning my home for me,i will instruct my client to issue and mail out the Check of payment he owes me so you can deduct your amount which i believe is a reasonable amount for moving the items listed and have the remaining funds wired to the caretaker via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER so he can bring down the keys to you or he could be available when you will be cleaning up my home and garden ,I'm only doing this cause I'm presently out of the states and i want things to go smoothly and perfect.I don't mind i can as well afford let out a free apt ,where you can live ,I will appreciate some who will take care of my home when i am not around town If you think you can handle this,please kindly get back to me with the

1.Full Name to issue out the payment,
2.Address where payment will be delivered to you
3.Phone number,
4.I will offer you $500 i will be waiting to hear back from you thanks and God bless.

NOTE: Don't forget to get back with the required information so the payment can be mailed out to you first,you will be deducting your own money and have the remaining sent to the caretaker via western union only.

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