Advance fee loan scams and fraudulent loan sites.

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"Douglas Rodgers" [email protected]

Dear Loan Seeker,
This is Douglas Rodgers Loan Firm, We offer Loans to Loan Seekers at a low interest rate of 2%, we are fully based in London, United Kingdom. Our main aim is to put smiles in the faces of Loan Seekers/Investors. We assure you of the very Best in this transaction.

Indeed Your have come to the right place were you get your Financial freedom,You will be glad of knowing a loan lender like MR. DOUGLAS RODGERS because i will make you smile and be happy.


1)Full Names:
4)State :
7)Marital Status:
8)Occupation: :
9)Phone Number:
10)Currently position in place of work:
11)Monthly income:
12)Next of Kin:
13)Loan Amount Needed:
14)Loan Duration yrs:
15)Purpose of Loan:
16)Have you applied for a Loan before?:

As soon as you fill the form and return it, I will send you our Company's loan terms and condition in other for us to proceed further in this transaction.

Kind Regards,
Douglas Rodgers.

Dear "Victim",
Good Morning from the UK, How are you doing? Irrespective of the fact that Douglas Rodgers Loan Firm is not located in the US, We also have agents working for us in New York and California. Be rest assured that the best loan lenders in the World are from the UK.

What are you worried about? If you do business with us, trust me, we will put a big smile on your face and you will link more loan seekers in your location to Douglas Rodgers loan firm. Douglas Rodgers loan firm is legally registered and approved for operation by the United Kingdom Government and trust me, you won't regret doing business with us as we are going to make sure you receive your loan amount swiftly.

With all due respect my friend, Fill the loan application form and let's get started. You can as well call our US agents via: +16206070534. We await your reply asap.

Douglas Rodgers

It is ALWAYS a scam
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Daniel 8 :25

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