Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#168060 by Spinner Thu Jun 06, 2013 4:31 pm
From: [email protected]

My little babies are just 17 weeks old and just am NOT really looking
forward to sell them, The simple reason why am giving them away is
because they were being given to my late daughter as a gift on her
birthday by her grandmum but she died just 1 week latter after a
serious car crash which also left me disabled and always on this wheel
chair .So i don't think asking a bunch of $$$ is important in this
case. All i need for them is FOREVER LOVE, CARE AND ATTENTION .I
really need a home for this little cuties because i will be traveling
out of the country for a serious surgery and could not just leave
them all alone here. So please I would like to know your exact
location and how soon you want
to have them. All I need from you is to always keep me updated with be
pictures and info of the puppies as they grows with you
They have their first shots and comes with a year health
guarantee.They also loves to be cuddled and Carried around and full of
caressing and
kisses.They also get along perfectly with kids and other animals.They
will come along with some food sample,health papers, air-conditioning A
crate-Vet record-Food samples-toys.before we proceed I would like to know
Where are you?
If You Have a vet near your area?
If you are a breeder?
How soon do you want to welcome them to your home?
I hope you will not feel upset with the thousand questions, just want
to make sure they are moving to a perfect home.
thanks and waiting for your response,Karoline
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From: [email protected]

Hi, Thanks for inquiring concerning my adorable puppies Bella (Female)
and Bob (Male) They're just 13 weeks old and have been home and potty
trained with good temperaments, very
friendly and playful with kids and other home pets. They have been AKC
registered and vet checked and will come alongside 1 year health
guaranteed paper with playing toys. I am very
concerned and trying my hardest to find a very experienced and caring
pet loving home to adopt them not breeders.
My only reason trying to find another home for them is due to my
sudden relocation to Yukon and the new apartment we moved in pets
are not permitted I've tried negotiating with the
apartment owner but he still prohibit us from keeping them and i
totally don't like the idea of selling pets or sending them to a pet
Please i would like you to answer the following questions below so i
can determine where my puppies will be going to and how serious you
want them to your home.

1)Your location and is it permitted to pets......?
2)Who will look after them in your absence......?
3)How old are you and job...........................
4)What names are you giving them...............?
5)Will your love to adopt one (sex please) or both ..?
6))Do you often go on Vacations or business trips...?
7)Explain some little bit of your pets life from child hood please
just be brief if u want.....?
8)Do you have kids and other pets at home and is this your first time
9)Further more will you love to drive picking up or accept delivery
directly to your door step more conveniently for 5-6 hours using a
pets delivery service..............?
10)Your valid phone number........................ .............?

I'm hoping to read from you as soon as possible so i can send
pictures of them and how you will get them to your home conveniently.

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#219793 by Notfooledeasily Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:54 pm
Yes just had the pug puppy scam via Kijiji from a [email protected] - exact same story as above. Re: he has been relocated to the Yukon and cannot care for his12-week pug pups - vaccinated - with computer chips and kennels (too good to be true)... If I pay a $200. registration fee to the Swan company (?) - they will be shipped to my door. Thank you very much to those who posted to this site - as you did confirm my suspicion and save me and I am sure others a lot of misery! :)

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