Room for Rent and other rental scams
#285597 by Michelle Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:21 am
From: Jonathan Absher <[email protected]>
Subject: 2 bedroom apartment

Thanks for your interest in my Property. I am a professional piano/music theory teacher, I'm easy going and friendly. I like Music and have deep interests in traveling. I respect every religion and love to hang around with people and i am definitely not a trouble maker and very helpful in nature. I am currently living in South Carolina and I will be here for long that is why am renting out my Property. I want you to note that I am a kind and honest person and also I spent a lot on my property that I want to give you for rent and I would want you to treat it as your own, I would like you to keep it tidy all the time I also want you to let me have trust in you as I always stand on my word. So I hope you will promise me to take very good care of the Property always as i am away.

My job even paid very well, requires that I move a lot and without notice. You can move in the Property in the same day that you will receive the keys. The only problem is that I'm already in South Carolina because we started the work, but you don't need to worry because I've made all arrangements to rent the Property from here. i would like to know a little about you. Don't be offended but i must know to who i will rent my Property to. I will tell you from the beginning that I don't have a problem if you are a student or if you would like to keep pets there, as long as you clean up after them. The minimum lease is available for Long and also Short Term Lease, very important, the utilities are included in the price per month. Kindly get back to me with the Below information..

Rent :$750 per Month
Last Month Rent : $750
( Private and Confidential )


Please answer these questions below if you are Interested
1)Your Full Name_________________________
2)Present Address(where you reside now) & Phone ________________________
4)Are you married _ _____________________________
5)How many people will be living in the property _________________________
6)Do you have a pet__________________________ ___________
7)Do you have a car _______ _______________________ ____________
8)Occupation ____________ _________________
9)How long are you willing to stay _______ ____________________-
10)When do you intend to move in ___
11)How Many Month Rent Are You Willing To Pay ( First 1 month rent + Last Month Rent) or If You Pay (First 2 month rent + Last Month Rent And Get 1 Month Free)...So which one do you prefer ________________

Get back to me as soon as you fill the application form, FILLED UP.

I can guarantee you that this is a great home so looking forward to a future collaboration and friendship.
Thanks for taking

This person asks for a deposit payment via Western Union, MoneyGram, pre-paid credit card or bank transfer with a promise that you can have the keys to a property that does not belong to him.

Sounds safe. It's not!

At other times, he will ask for proof that you are able to pay the deposit and rent due to a string of time wasters.
This proof is in the form of a Western Union, MoneyGram or Bank payment to a lawyer,a friend or family member.

In either case, if payment is made and you give this person the details, they will collect the money.
You will not hear from them again.

All the details such as names, addresses, pictures etc. that the scammer uses in order to back up his story, are stolen from elsewhere.

If you are reading this because you are looking for property to rent, and you are in contact with this thief you are probably searching Craigslist, Gumtree or similar listing sites. If you receive any requests from 'Landlords' asking for some kind of payment before viewing, then it will also be a scam. Please forward the mail to me at the address in my signature line and I will investigate and list them if necessary.


#285715 by KatieB1985 Thu Feb 25, 2016 8:24 pm
I have been in contact by this man this morning at 7:30am via email. He is saying he has a property in Barrie at 56 Raymond Crescent. A 3 bedroom town house for $750 a month all inclusive. Unfortunately I did reply but did not send anything else but my information too him. No money at all cause it sounded too good to be true. If you have any thing else to ask me please feel free to e-mail me at Removed (BW). Thank you so much for posting that. I will certainly pass this message along t any of my friends.

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