Scams offering fake Au Pair positions
#167027 by DaisyDaisy Mon May 27, 2013 10:56 am
Firstly, I am sorry for my English ..
I get email from family,I wrote him something about me and they wrote me they are interesting about me and aksed me If I have everything documents for visa and they gave me contact to Mrs. Vanderhulst. She sent me visa document (J-1) I must feel it a sent it her (scanned) back. And now she want I pay money (1 520 dollars) via Western Union because they currently having an Audit of our Domain account so bank transfers can not be made to our account at the moment ... I think it´s not normal and I want know your opinion please :-)
Mrs. Vanderhulst work for Au Pair International.... do you know this sites? Is it credialbe web?

Thanks for your interest in our family,I really liked what you wrote about you am sorry for responding late, I believe you'll enjoy staying with us.
Mike and I both work out of the house each day for work. I am a Realtor, so I am with clients and out of the house more often. Mike is in software development. We are lucky that Kids school and activities are all within 15 minutes of our home. Steve(4) and Mary(3) are 2 wonderful kids, they mean the world to us, they are funny playful and intelligent kids, we enrolled them at the same school and they do both of their stuffs together They go to school two mornings a week, but will likely go three mornings a week come February. They also do gymnastics, swim and love to do arts and crafts at home, as well as visit the zoo, Children's museum, play centers, and the recreation center (that has an indoor pool year round, when our outdoor pool is closed.
We live Miami in Florida which has several historic districts, an art museum, a symphony orchestra, universities, city parks, and lakes. Music is everywhere here, from rising artists to famous musicians, singers, and songwriters and the Famous beach. The weather here is beautiful –mostly warm and sunny springs, hot summers, warm fall months, and a few cold winter months.
Our family style is mostly casual, warm and informal. We are excited to have someone from another country and culture, who speaks another language besides English, as part of our household,we enjoy being outside and barbecuing, cook on our outside grill and socialize with friends and also We belong to a recreation center/gym.
Your duty schedules mostly around the kids, get them dressed for school, walk them down to the bus pick up point, help them with after school activities till we get back home, usually we are home before 5pm except special over times which you'll be duly compensated for. Weekend will be free for you because we get to spend time with the kids and maybe hang out or have friends over so you can go anywhere you want. We are somewhat flexible and can work out a schedule that suits our Au pair while covering our needs as well. I would want you to be like a guardian to them , more like a member of the family rather than just be their Au pair.
You will be entitled to a pay of $1250 every month while you will also be given an entitlement of $80 every week for petty expenses which you might need for personally and we might review this when you arrival.
Our Au Pair's room is private with the best bathroom in the house and a sitting area, television, telephone, a PC with internet connection, and closet. We have had an Au pair before and its was good.Our Last Au pair loved it but she had to go back home because here mom wasn't feeling too good.
There are also several universities where many Au pairs in the area take classes, as well as many opportunities to meet and socialize with other young people; we’ll be willing to help you get into any of those. It is also compulsory by law we enroll you into an English class and pay for your English lessons while you're staying with us.
Let me know if you are ready to take up this position and probably get some more pictures from you if possible with kids?
I will love to know how long you want to stay with us and if the salary is good by you?
And lastly do you have a valid passport and other necessary documents needed for Visa Application? I believe I have a way out with the Visa.
Love Susan

Thanks for your message am excited you like our family, I forgot to give you our home address in my last email its 16443 SW 97th Terrace Miami, FL 33196, USA, you can look for it it’s the house with the red Hyundai car.

I also have to say am sorry I didn't reply fast enough because I had get a long to talk with my husband about you and he agreed it better we have another Au pair experience since the last one was fantastic we didn’t want her to go but she had to because her Mom wasn’t feeling too good.If you wan I can give you her contact address so you can ask her few stuffs if you need to know about us.

I showed the kids your pictures and told them different things about you and your country and all they had was smiles on their faces and asked if you would get them cookies and chocolates when coming because they're gonna ask as soon as they get to see you at the Airport lol. I wouldn’t know if you could afford my husband a soccer Jersey of your National team because he’s a soccer fan.

About your Visa processing, like you know the American Visa application is a very complicated process, that’s why the Government made it easy by introducing came about with the Au pair Agencies processing Au pairs with which we are enrolled.
They helped with our Last Au pair and it was fast and stress free so I believe its best in both our interest we apply again through them.

You could apply for an American B-1 Visitors Visa or even come with and ESTA rather than a J-1 Au pair Visa but it would be illegal to work while staying with us on a Visitor’s Visa or ESTA and might cause result in serious consequences with the law.
The Agency also serves as a guide for you while in the states, they visit a number of times and talk to Au pair about the Host family and if they’re really getting along and if they have any complaints.

Concerning the cost, I believe you know as a Host Family we are also meant to bear some cost and as an Au pair some cost also but am not certain about the amount since it’s been a while since we had our Au pair processed but we’ll know after they match us together.

If you agree with this arrangement then you can go ahead with making the passport and you’ll need to contact Mrs. Katrina Vanderhulst the Director of International Programs at the Au pair International Agency on [email protected] with the following details

---> She gave me e-mail from her last aupair, and she wrote me , but I don´t know I don´t beliave this.

->Mrs. Vanderhulst

My name is Katrina Vanderhulst and I would like to thank you for your interest regarding our Au Pair abroad program and we offer several different options and flexible flight dates for our Au pairs.

We at Au Pair International take a very person approach to the application and matching process, supporting our Au pairs completely from start to finish. This includes informing you of all of the requirements, Placements with carefully interviewed and screened family, obtaining your visa, flight booking Medical insurance and support during your stay, all for a successful experience as an Au pair abroad.

I have attached all necessary documents required for your application so that you can get started right away so I would request that you download, print, read through and carefully fill the attached documents. We also do recommend that these documents should be scanned and returned through email not later than 7 days after receiving them so we can verify and afterwards register you with the Au Pair International, Inc. Program.Please clearly write your host family name (Mason) where indicated on the application form.

Also, you want to make sure that you have a current international passport, a Good health (as verified from the Medical Record form). We charge a program fee of $1,520, for the Au pair which covers for the Application fee, Visa and consular charges, Medical Insurance , Round trip flight tickets from your country to the USA and back to your country and other travel documents.

We are a US Department of State designated Au pair agency and belong to the International Au Pair Association (IAPA), fully ASTA and ATOL protected Au Pair Agency which means your are fully guaranteed and secure. We verify that all host families and agents are screened before placing a candidate with them.

I would be more than happy to answer your questions about the Au pair program, as well as Au Pair International. Please let me know if you have questions about the program and how it will work for you! I look forward to working with you.
Thank you for your interest regarding our Au Pair abroad program.
Your documents has been received and is currently been reviewed and verified by our Agents and you will receive a confirmation email as soon as your application has been approved.
I attached a a provisional (Not Yet Confirmed) flight schedule for you to choose your preferred flight date and confirm if the details on the flight schedule are accurate.
Please NOTE that the return trip ticket will be an OPEN ticket which allows you to change the return date to suit your preference.
I would be more than happy to answer your questions ! I look forward to working with you.
Congratulations, your documents has been successfully verified to be accurate and your application for the Au pair International, Inc. Au pair Program has been approved.

The next step for you is to make payment, you are expected to make a payment of $1,520 as an Au Pair. Our accepted forms of payment accepted are bank transfers and Money transfer services (Western union) after which a confirmation of payment receipt will be issued out to you.

Please NOTE we are currently having an Audit of our Domain account so bank transfers can NOT be made to our account at the moment , we apologize for any inconveniences this may cause and we promise this will be resolved soonest.
As we wouldn't want to delay processing of your documents, you will be making payment using the Money transfer services (Western union) as the means of payment to our Agency representative.
Attached is a Payment slip with the Agency representative details you will be making payment to, please ensure you endorse your signature where required and fill in the 10 digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) on the Western union receipt.
Once payment has been made, you will email me a scanned copy of the Payment slip and the Western union receipt so it can be forwarded to the accounts department for processing of your confirmation of payment receipt.
I also attached a JPEG copy of available Western union Locations closer to you.
I would be more than happy to answer your questions ! I look forward to working with you.
Thank you for your message , your flight preference has been saved.
About the payment, as you know your scheduled flight date is 15th of June and payment must be received at least 3 weeks before the selected travel date but i will try my best to speed up processing, Please Note payment must be received Monday or latest Tuesday morning in order to meet up.
I would be more than happy to answer your questions if you didn't understand my explanation.

PLEASE, COULD YOU HELP ME SOMEONE? I think it´s scam but I want know your opinion. Family give me their adress and contact to their last aupair.. When we want contact via skype I dont saw them and I heard them very bad..

#167028 by Dotti Mon May 27, 2013 11:31 am
It is a scam.

Au Pair International is a legitimate agency, but the scammers are not connected to the real agency. The scammers are using their name in hopes of fooling you. Email addresses at are free email addresses, just like yahoo or gmail addresses. They have absolutely no connection to the real agency.

The real agency has a website here:
The real agency has a very extensive application you must fill out, and they will actually have someone interview you in person before you can be hired as an au pair. The real agency will NEVER ask you for payments via Western Union.

Need to post photos?
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#167182 by alicina92 Wed May 29, 2013 6:08 am
The text of the email the family sent you is exactly the same they sent me ([email protected]), they changed just the details and the agency they directed me to, hostaupairusa, fake of course.
#167229 by KatrinaVDH Wed May 29, 2013 1:00 pm
Hello -

I apologize for the scam that is being made using both my name and my agency. My name is Katrina Vanderhulst and I am with Au Pair International. My actual email address is [email protected]. You can visit our real website at and our phone number is 720-221-3563.

We have international partners who recruit candidates for us to come to America and we send Americans abroad. We do not EVER ask for money via Western Union.

We have a very thorough screening process. You will ALWAYS speak with someone live and in person. Please do not ever sign up with an agency without speaking to the person first. Protect yourself and verify that the email addresses link to a legitimate site and that the phone number is real that they provide.

Again, I am so sorry to anyone that was caught in this scam using our agency name and my name as well. I am sickened by the fact that individuals will use this wonderful program as a way to take advantage of unsuspecting young people.
#168011 by KatrinaVDH Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:50 am
I have just been informed that these scammers are also using a family name of "Tara Johnson". This family is also not really our family.

We have found that the scammer is using some of our forms that they have edited to have their own information.

PLEASE contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.
#168021 by Dotti Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:29 am
Thanks Katrina!

If you are notified of any email addresses they are using, can you post them as well? Often people search for the email address instead of the name.

Note to all readers of this thread:


Katrina, who has posted above, is a representative of the real Au Pair International. She can be reached at the address she has posted above, [email protected] This is the ONLY legitimate address you can use to contact her. If you are given ANY other address to contact Katrina, or you are given ANY address for this agency that does not end in (spelled exactly like that) then you are dealing with a SCAMMER who is out to steal your money.

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#169396 by KatrinaVDH Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:51 pm
I was contacted by another individual who provided the email address: [email protected]

Please remember that all of our emails will end in

Thank you.
#170492 by Mars14k Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:32 pm

We will like to congratulate you on your decision to work with our Agency as an Au Pair in USA. We want you to start your application process by filling the forms we attach above. The Attachment contains The Application Form, The Ds -2019 request form and The Character Reference form. We require you to fill them and scan them back to us with the scan copies of your passport to start your application process.

Immediately we receive the forms and the scan copies of your passport, we send you the payment details via Western Union/ Money Gram. The Documentation Process takes maximum of 2 weeks and Immediately they are ready we will send them to you via UPS| DHL | Fedex and the delivery to your home address takes 48hours.

So we want you to kindly fill the forms and send them back to us to be able to commence your documentation process.

Thanks for your Co operation.

Andrea| LCC
Agent Au Pair, Inc.
1450 Sutter Street #526
San Francisco, CA 94109
Tel: (972) 836-7414

It is scam ? The email is : [email protected]

#170493 by Dotti Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:14 pm
It is a scam.

There is a real agency called Agent Au Pair. Their website is

The scammer is pretending to represent that real agency, but in reality he has NO connection to the real agency. He has opened a free email address that looks similar to make you think that he is part of the agency. The English is terrible, and the actual mistakes tell me that he is African, NOT American. He has stolen forms from the real agency's website to try to make himself look more real.

ALL legitimate email addresses for Agent Au Pair will end in and NOTHING else.

In addition, the legitimate au pair agency--like all legitimate United States au pair agencies:
-do NOT take payments via moneygram or Western Union
-will have a representative meet you face-to-face before considering placing you in ANY position.

Need to post photos?
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#170626 by nyaneva Fri Jul 05, 2013 6:22 pm
Hi everyone! I need some help. I have a suggestion for au pair job but I don't know how to understand, is this a scam? These are all e-mails they wrote me. What is you opinion and do you have any suggestion what questions to ask? Thank you very much in advance :)

E-mail 1:
Many thanks for adding in your favourite list. I really like you and I have a lovely family, we need someone like you to live with us and help out while I am at work
I can offer you love, respect and £110 per week, you can have one day off a week. You are more than welcome to go out with us if u like to on my day off to shopping, park, castle, beach trips etc.
My children are well behaved and I am sure you will not be disappointed and you will enjoy staying with us.
Please email me back on ……. whether you are interested and if you are when can you start etc.
Many thanks,

E-mail 2:
Hope you are well!
Sorry for delay in getting back to you.
Are u still available from end of July?
Good luck with your exam!

E- mail 3:
I am ok thanks and hope u are busy with the preparation for the exam. Could u please let me know if u are interested in joining our family and if so when is July the earliest can u come? We will wait for you if you are sure - I sincerely hope you do as you seem very nice on profile, although we urgently need someone to take care of kids while I am working.
Many thanks in advance,

E-mail 4:
Many hanks for your reply. Do u mind if I ask what job you are doing now and whether it would be possible for you to come on either 26/27/28 July as those are my day off so that I can pick you up from the airport.
We have to juggle our time off from work until you come and hope you could understand.
Your duties will be:
1) Taking my son Tom - 9 1/2years and Izzy - 8 years to nearby school in the morning and pick them up in the evening, give them dinner ( easy chicken nuggets etc put in the oven)
2) Take care of my youngest Olly 15 months old
3) General tidy up/ maintain the house as I do massive cleaning every weekend/ on my day off

My kids are very well behaved and we do respect and will treat you like a family. We had someone looking after them but her mum died suddenly of heat attack and she had to go back to Romania to take care of her 3 younger siblings, their father died 6 years ago already.
It's such a shame that she really enjoyed staying with us and she also was so gutted.
We live in Dartford ( south east of London).

Please do let me know if you want to know any more information.
Could u please let me know a bit more about yourself. Why you want to leave the job now, and what your future plan for next 1 year etc?
Many thanks,
#170900 by skm Mon Jul 08, 2013 7:40 pm
I got the exact same email as you did! I talked to the "wife" whose name was Crystal Martin Moore. She actually added me on facebook saying she found me through an au pair site which I signed up in. Her email address was [email protected] and the Au pair agencies email was [email protected]. Thankgod I sent my documents to the real Katrina Vanderhulst, since I tried to send a reply to the fake one and it just kept returning to me (I'm guessing they got tired of waiting and deleted the emailadress?) I kept insisting that we should skype, but they "never found the time". I feel bad for the family whose pictures it is that they used in facebook and there was at least 20 different pictures of the young girl (maybe 3-4 years old) and a few of the whole family.

Hopefully someone catches those bastards! :evil:

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