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#36613 by manolovalspin Sat Sep 04, 2010 7:47 pm
A few moments ago my sister receive an email from dwatina @ scamwarners.co.cc qith the subject You are being targeted by an Au Pair Scammer, in the email this person was telling us about that my sister that is an au pair was got targeted by an Au Pair Scammer.
My sister get very scared and also very confused about this, who can help me to understand if she was in a scam or not?
How get her email adress and whit whom can i talk about this?

This is the email that my sister receive:

I am a member of a group that investigates internet fraud, and I am writing to warn you that you are being targeted by an Au Pair Scammer.

An au pair job that is being offered to you does not exist. It is a scam designed to steal money from you.

The scammer will put you in touch with a fake travel agency, 'UK Border Agency', or 'Home Office' representative, pretending that this is necessary to obtain a work permit or visa. This representative's emails are written by the same scammer, using a different false name.

Please do not send any money. The fake representative will not obtain any documents for you. He does not really work for the any Agency or Home Office. He is a criminal intending to steal your money from you.

At this present time, a person is only permitted to come to the UK to be an au pair if they are a citizen of the European Economic Area, Australia, British Overseas Territories, Canada, New Zealand, or Monaco. If you need to obtain a visa to work in the UK, you MUST contact the British Embassy in your country. If you are a European citizen, you do not need a visa to work in the UK, although Romanian and Bulgarian citizens are subject to some restrictions, and do need to check with the British Embassy.

NEVER send money by money transfer service (eg Western Union, MoneyGram, Coinstar/CMT) to anyone who has contacted you through the internet.

Please do the following:

1. Stop all contact with the scammer.
2. Do not notify the scammer that you have received this warning.
3. Please write back to me, so that I will know you have read and understood this email. I'm also happy to answer any further questions you might have.

For further information about this type of scam please visit:




Added spaces to email address to avoid it being spammed - CF

#36615 by Dotti Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:18 pm
Welcome manolovalspin,

The warning is real.

I assume your sister is looking for work as an au pair. Unfortunately, there are lots of scammers out there right now who are trying to steal money from people looking for work as au pairs.

Your sister has probably received emails from someone who says they want to hire her, and that person is a scammer. The person does not really have a job to offer. He or she is using a fake name and is pretending to be in another country, most likely UK. In reality, he is probably in Africa or Malaysia, and is
sending the same job offers to dozens of potential au pairs.

He or she probably has sent her (or will send her) to a travel agent, attorney, or other "official" to get her visa and/or necessary travel documents. Your sister will be told that she has to send money so they can get these documents. Unfortunately, the person receiving the money is not connected to the government and has nothing to do with visa processing. He is either the same person as, or is working with, the person offering the job. All the scammer wants is your sister's money.

Dwatina received a list of people this scammer has contacted, possibly through an informant, or maybe because the scammer made a mistake and revealed the identities of the people he is trying to scam. Dwatina has sent this email to your sister to help keep her from losing money.

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#36704 by manolovalspin Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:17 pm
First of all i want to thank you about this warning, my sister was very happy in the beggining when she receive the offer and when she receive the alert the money to the scammer was in process of transfer but thanks to this,we could stop the money and recover it immediatly.
Also where can or to whom can i send or post all the emails that this scammer sent to my sister for example the contract and visa papers etc.
God bless you really you help us very much.
#36705 by Dotti Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:33 pm
I am so glad you were able to recover your sister's money--that is wonderful news!

It would be great if you could post the information here at scamwarners--the best place to post it is in the "Employment Scams" forum. If she receives any other offers that you are unsure about, feel free to come back here and we will be happy to help you to sort it out.

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#39591 by John DeLaney Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:08 pm
Nicely done Dwatina, and thank you to Manolovalspin for replying and also posting in here.

As mentioned above, could you please post the emails your sister received with her details blocked out.

I wish your sister good luck in finding a legitimate employment agency.

John DeLaney

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