If you have received a warning from someone claiming to be a ScamWarner and want to check if it is genuine, please ask here.
#41809 by floydh3mvi Mon Dec 06, 2010 9:52 am
I received the following email and just wanted to make sure it is for real. Would like to know who the suspected scammer is so that I can stop the contact immediately and get him/her blocked. Have not been asked for money or anything like that at this point. Also no deep emotional connection with any contacts.


Dear Friend,

I am a member of a group that investigates internet fraud, and I am writing to
warn you that you are being targeted by a Romance Scammer.

Romance scammers are not the people that they are pretending to be. They
are liars and criminals who contact many people worldwide, pretending a
relationship with them in order to steal their money. Romance scammers do not
genuinely care about the people they are writing to. They are only in
contact with them in the hope of gaining their trust and then stealing
their money.

These are some common red flags in these types of scams; please note that
the absence of any of these red flags does not mean the person you are
talking to is legitimate:

-Falling in love very quickly
-Using terms of endearment rather than your name
-Change in writing skills: improvement of writing when sending love poems or
love letters because those have been plagiarized from the internet
- Photos seem professionally taken, posed or don't seem to fit with the
persona writing to you.

The scammer will, sooner or later, request financial help from you or try to
elicit your offer of financial assistance. Romance scammers will lie about
any type of need, and it may sound quite realistic and believable to you.

Some examples are:

- Their money has been stolen
- They cannot cash their pay check
- They, or a family member, has had an accident or illness
- They need financial help with a visa, or other travel costs, so they can
come and visit you.
- They need assistance with investments, or starting a business.

Their reason could also be something very different to the above. Whatever
the scammer says, however, is all lies.

Please do not send any money. If you do, the scammer will tell you that a
further problem or other financial need has occured, and they will
continue to do this until you are bankrupt and in debt.

Please understand that the scammer or their accomplices are playing all
roles in this scam, including supposed doctors, hoteliers, travel agents, etc.

A romance scammer may also send you checks, gifts for yourself, or items
for reshipping.

- If you receive a check or money order from this scammer, it will be fake,
forged, or stolen. Do not cash or deposit it.
- If you receive a gift or other item from this scammer, it may have been
purchased with a stolen credit card.
- If you have received goods from the scammer and been asked to re-ship
them, stop immediately. Refuse any further packages, stop any shipments
and seek legal counsel.

Please do not send money to, or receive money or goods from, a romance scammer.

Please do the following:

1. Stop all contact with the scammer.
2. Do not notify the scammer that you have received this warning.
3. Seek legal advice if the scammer has been sending you checks,
gifts, or other items.
4. Please write back to me, so that I know you have read and
understood this email.

I'm also happy to answer any further questions you might have.

For more information about Romance scams, visit:


I understand that this may be very sad for you. There are many victims of this
type of fraud and you are not alone. Please consider joining a victim support
forum or talk to someone close to you for support.


Robert Abattoir

#41810 by Michelle Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:57 am
Hello floydh3mvi

Robert Abattoir is one of our Scamwarners

Kindly acknowledge his e-mail to you then cease all communications with the Scammer -

#41812 by floydh3mvi Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:38 pm
I have replied to him. I will wait to hear back. I am not certain who the scammer is. I have an idea but want to make sure. Don't want to accuse the wrong person.

Thank you for the reply.


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