If you have received a warning from someone claiming to be a ScamWarner and want to check if it is genuine, please ask here.
#12007 by Jillian Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:25 pm
If you have received a warning from someone saying they are part of the ScamWarners team and want to confirm it is genuine, please start a new topic here in this forum. Please post a copy of the warning you received, but without the email address it came from or your email address. If we need that information to be able to check, we will ask for it to be sent via the messaging system here.

You can also take a look at the memberlist to see if you can see the name of the person who warned you. If you click on their name it will take you to their profile and if you see the title "Scam Warner" underneath the name, you know they are part of our team. Don't worry if you do not see the name on our memberlist; some of our team use a different user name here to help protect their identity.

If you have received a warning from a ScamWarner, please acknowledge it so that the person who sent it knows you have got it and understood. If you do not reply, they may have to spend time trying to contact you again when they could be moving on to warn someone else. ScamWarners are all volunteers and warn in their spare time so they will very much appreciate you replying and letting them know you're safe. :D

If you have questions about a warning you have received, please either contact the person who sent it to you or ask here.

Have you sent a payment to a scammer with Western Union and now realize it's a scam? If the payment has not been picked up, you can cancel it immediately! 1-800-448-1492

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