If you have received a warning from someone claiming to be a ScamWarner and want to check if it is genuine, please ask here.
#99579 by njf Wed May 02, 2012 1:01 pm
Dear Friend
Warning: You are being scammed by "Mabel Smith" ( Known Internet Scammer)
For your own safety, please read all of this mail
I am part of a large group of people who try to keep internet crooks from stealing money through scam emails.
An informant has told us that a scammer is sending emails to you, and you may have given him some personal details.
This thief is trying to steal your money by Advance Fee Fraud, also known as a 419 Scam.
This person is trying to scam your money from you!!
Here is how it works:-
The thief will tell you that you can rent his accommodation only if you can prove that you have genuine interest. He will ask you send money by wire transfer (normally Western Union) to yourself or a member of the family to show that you have sufficient finances and that you are not a "time waster". He will ask you to send him the transfer details so that his (fake) lawyer can check that the details are correct.
A variation is that you will need to wire him a deposit before you actually see the property.
In any case: This is a scammer you are writing to. He does not own the accommodation. He is only after your money.
Make no mistake ! Western Union Transfers can be picked up virtually anywhere in the world and with the minimum of identification. They are almost impossible to trace once the money has been collected, You will never get to see the accommodation or your money again.
This is a common scam that has caused many people to lose their money. This crook is trying this scam on many people at the same time, and is hoping you won't know that this is a scam until he has your money.
If you are still searching for accommodation then please save this e-mail. If you receive mail from any other "Landlords" asking you to pay before viewing, then these too will be scam attempts. Please forward the suspicious mail to me and I will have them listed on the my website for others to find if they are not already there.
I ask you to do these things, you will allow me to help others:-
1. Do not send this letter to the scammers, and do not tell them that you have been warned. Our informants could be hurt if you tell the thieves that they are being watched! These people risk their safety in order to get us the information needed to keep people from being scammed.
2. Please stop mailing and talking to with these crooks now. Do not answer e-mails, and do not talk to them on the phone. Do not ask them if they are trying to steal your money. What do you think thieves will say? They will only send you more lies so you will send them your money.
3. Do not send him any money, and never go to meet them.
4. Do not try to confront, abuse, or harass these scammers, as they may already have your name and address.
5.If you are in the United Kingdom or are looking for property in the United Kingdom - Action Fraud, who are an executive agency of the Attorney General's Office, have asked me to encourage people who have received this kind of attempted e-mail fraud to report the event to them even if they have not lost money. They need to know how widespread this problem actually is. Action Fraud can be contacted on 0300 123 2040.
6. I would be very grateful if you could please reply and let me know that you have read and understood the contents of this email.
If you doubt the truth of this warning, please print out a copy of this email, and any emails that you have gotten from this scammer, and take them to your local police, they will tell you the truth about this scam.

Kind Regards

Michelle Banks,

Site Moderator and Scamwarner


Please visit scamwarners.com for further information on this, and other Internet Related Scams.

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#99584 by AlanJones Wed May 02, 2012 1:23 pm
Hello njf and welcome to ScamWarners.

Michelle is one of our moderators here, so I can confirm that the warning you have received is genuine and that you are being scammed by some one calling themselves "Mabel Smith"

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#99588 by njf Wed May 02, 2012 1:32 pm
Many thanks and I will respond to Michelle. I had realised the last email I had from Mabel Smith was a scam but I will seek Michelle's advice. I was suspicious because I could not understand how Michelle would have my email address.

Thanks for being there.

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