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#236495 by Dotti Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:05 pm
The scammer uses eBay's name in hopes that it will make this "transaction" appear to be legitimate. In reality, this is not how eBay works at all (they are NOT an escrow service and do NOT act as an intermediary in transactions), but it really doesn't matter because there is no trailer either, only a scammer trying to collect money for a vehicle he does not have.

Also note the typical use of a sob story to elicit the victim's sympathy and prevent them from asking questions.

Subject: Re: Trailer
From: [email protected]

thanks for asking ,my '99 EquiSpirit XXL 2H Bumper is still for sale. is in perfect condition, an mechanic look over it before i post the ad. has ramp, dressing room, 7'6" Interior height, 72" Interior width and 10' stall area. also includes all standard EquiSpirit specifications! I'm selling it because my boy of only 25 died 5 months ago in a car accident, a drunk driver hit him and his fiancee. He was coming to our home at his little brother birthday. The trailer belonged to my son and brings me bad memories, that's the reason i sell it so low ($2,000).
Me and my husband travel a lot with our job so we want to make this deal thru' eBay Protection Program because they protect both of us and also offer you 5 days inspection period. All documents, including the clear title and bill of sale on your name will come along with the trailer (we had another deal with eBay and everything went smoothly)
For more photo's click on this link:

If you are interested let me know, Ema!

2nd email from scammer:
hi again ,the trailer is located at eBay warehouse in Dallas, TX. It's already sealed and waiting to be delivered anywhere (i will pay the shipping so all you have to pay is just $2,000). Like i said, we will use eBay Protection Program so we can both be protected and insured. the trailer will arrive at your address in 3 days and you will have 5 days to inspect it. Once you inspected it and decided to keep it, you will confirm your decision to eBay and only then eBay will re-route the money in to my account. But, if by any reason, you won't be satisfied you will ship it back on my expense and they will give you a full refund. In this way you will be able to inspect the vehicle before committing to buy and as you see I WON'T GET ANY MONEY UNTIL YOU WILL SEE AND TEST THE TRAILER!
If you want to start the transaction with eBay just reply here your full name and delivery address then eBay will contact you by e-mail with an invoice and explain better the whole process...thanks!

P.S. please let me know if you want to know more about the steps of transaction.

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