Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
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         May the Lord God be with you as you read this message carefully, attentively and having willingness to do so to as.
We are an Orphanage based at Agona Swedru, in the Central Region of Ghana. It is non-governmental Christian Organization, where quality love, care and guidance are given and administered to orphans and needy children to give them a living hope, new life of meaning, purpose and secured future. And as the year has started we are very privilege to seek for people to support this our humble organization for monetary needs,we can't do it alone that is why we are pleading and seeking for your help, and also we wish you would become a Volunteer to this our humble orphanage in support of whatever we do and even inviting you where in Ghana.
       The name of this Orphanage is "Good Shepherd Orphanage", we are dedicated and committed to salvage the plight of motherless, orphans, abandoned and street children with the view of rescuing and caring for these afflicted, hopeless and disadvantaged Children in the society. In Deuteronomy 15:11, God in His word enjoins us to help the needy and take care of orphans in the society. And in fulfillment and obedience to this biblical mandate, God’s servant the founder and Leader of Great Word of God Church started this Caring Ministry for the orphans, poor and needy children in the Society. So we have been able to fulfill this dream of setting up this orphanage, and we can't run it alone we need you to come and support monetary to see to it smooth run or this organization going on successfully to please God in Heaven and what He said in His word.
      We have some bit of volunteers who are helping as but is still not enough and Sufficient for the number of children we have now. So please we need your mandate help to do so, it doesn't matter what you give to as, it will still do something in supporting the children we have.
      The main aim of the orphanage is to create a comfortable, conducive environment and dependable alternative family life and peaceful home for the orphans and other socially disadvantaged children in the Society. Our Objectives includes the following:
1.      To provide a place for children in need of care, love and protection
2.      To seek and promote the rights of orphans and street children
3.      To support the poor, aged and deprived in their education and health needs
4.      To provide quality training and education both vocational and formal to orphans and needy children regardless of creed, sex, race, tongues, religion, tribes or nationality.
5.      To bring up and build the orphans in the knowledge of God’s word and fear of God
6.      To seek and cater for the welfare of the orphans and aged in the society.
7.      To provide the orphans and needy children with a caring, loving and secure family environment, where basic needs for food, health, clothing, shelter and education are met squarely.
By administering the above aims and objectives, we hereby care for both the spiritual and physical needs of these Orphans and needy Children and Aged in the Society and thereby lifting them from the poverty to a life of hopefulness and meaning.
        Please this is the reason why we have come to you this day to seek your help and support. We have attached some of our pictures to this message for you to take a good look at it and have mercy on these privilege children and save their life,he who sees things in secret will surely bless you for doing so. Soon to hear from you and you will never regret to do so.
Thank you and GOD bless you.
Yours faithfully
The secretary of the orphanage, on behave of the staff and management.

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