Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#120018 by mirjam Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:45 pm
This woman is on Netlog

Emailadress: [email protected]

IP adress: Anonymous because its Gmail

Her profile:

About me
I am a Red Indian American woman :lol: currently staying at a Specialist Hospital in Ghana West Africa.

Name Deborah Davidson
Date of birth 15/09/1936
Location Florida City
United States Native language
English Company Humanitarian & Charity :evil:
Profession NGO CORDINATOR (Other)
Looking for Friendship Relationship
Hobbies Reading Bible & Meditating
Love status I've been through a lot, I'm having a break :lol:
I fancy Men and women

Her message:

I am very sick of cancer of the breast &lungs :evil: and the doctor who is attending to me said that i have few days to live,i wish to employ you to help me manage my charity project with my charity funds which i shall bestow unto your care, please send me a mail to my email address [email protected] if you will be interested and i shall reply you back with the full details

Dear Beloved Beauty Daughter :lol: ,

Thanks for your message and providing me with your email address at netlog, I thereby write you full details of my charity proposal:-

More About Me:-

My names are Mrs. Deborah Davidson, I am a Red Indian woman who was born and brought up in Ghana West Africa, my late mother is an Indian, and my late Father is an American, both of my parent died many years ago to a car accident here in Ghana, and I was brought-up in Ghana at the Orphanage Home here and I finally grew-up to become a Successful Fulfilled & a business woman here in Ghana.

It is quite unfortunate that I may not survive because of my present sickness, i have been affected in all round of life. I have diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure and my bones are very weak. memories of my late family whom I lost to death as a child is pulling me nearer to the grave and I will also be good to join them because life has been so empty
without them.

I wish to submit all my funds in Ghana to you, to enable you to accomplish my life vision and mission on earth which is to help the poor & needy in this world. i do not want to submit this charity project to a Ghana man because I do not trust them.

Any foreigner from the other part of Africa, Europe, America or Asia who is interested is my excellent choice, I term this to be a God's work of-which you can execute outside your main professional in life, it is a volunteer Responsibility that will bless many soul and give Glory to the Lord.

I shall give you more details after I receive your reply.

Thank you & God bless you. :evil:

Cannt upload her passport overhere, Bye, Mirjam :wink:

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