Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
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From: Roland and Aamina

Compliments of the day!
I and my younger sister write to seek for your assistance; we got your contact from a noble gentleman that came to our refugee camp who came to give a seminar about AIDS whomwe confronted that we are looking a God-fearing person that is when your data was given to us.

First and foremost i want to introduce myself to you. My name is Roland and my younger sister mina a Sudannes,my consignment contains 45million United States dollars and some quantity of gold and Diamond, which I cannot specify.

The consignments are presently in States.The consignment gets to States through the help of a U.N diplomat Patrick Dankwa Anin. The fact is that Patrick Dankwa Anin is supposed to have delivered this consignment to a man called Dr. Smith Paggy in States.

The week Patrick Dankwa Anin is suppose to deliver the consignment to him,when he got to States after clearing the consignment from the Airport,he call Dr.Smith Paggy to tell him the description to is house for the delivery, but is wife answered the call and told Patrick Dankwa Anin that her husband Dr.Smith Paggy hard a fatal car accident which lead to hisdeath some few h ours later.

Dr.Smith Paggy has already paid the demurrages from the security company,he paid for Bullion van that took the consignment to the airport and he paid for custom check report he also assisted us in getting the DRUG / ANTI TERRIORIST CERTIFICATE, which is so expensive that he spent 25 thousand dollars to acquire it, but unfortunately he died in a car accident, that was why Patrick Dankwa Anin has to deposit the consignment with a warehouse over there in States and called us to informed us about what is happening.

Please when you call him you will tell him that you are calling in respect of Roland and mina consignment that is in States. If Patrick Dankwa Anin asks if you have discussed with me tell him that you have discussed with me immediately.

Please, get to Patrick Dankwa Anin on time and get back to me through mail.
I await your urgent response.

Thanks and God bless you.

as you can see its comes from wrote:Header Analysis Quick ReportOriginating IP: ISP: Chinanet Guangdong Province Network City: ShenzhenCountry of Origin: China* For a complete report on this email header goto ipTRACKERonline

i awalys now check every email header to see were its comes from, i never give money or anything out to people , and that best bit in this email was i google Patrick Dankwa Anin that he died in oct 1999. thank to this site i'm never going to get caught out again :P
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