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MESSAGEFROM: Daniel E okereke



My name is Daniel E okereke, am aged 23 years old, I have junior certificate, am born again who accepted Christ as personal savior.john1vs.9.
The day came on Pentecostal were at appointed time promise was revered to apostle receive holy spirit acts 2vs17/21, joel 2v28/31..holy spirit moved with different gifts, others are moved by teaching, prophetic, healing my own is one particular which Jesus has gifted me with is a gift of assisting to aneed and share them with a gift of love announcincing this through Christ Jesus. Mark 16:15-18
After observing my gift I have received it with all my heart to work for Jesus.
This is my strategy goal firstly want to find members, to employ a drivers who will drive the team, form website keep our record and share information,transpotation as to use carrying materials like food as part of donation,blangets e.t.c, buying bibles to share to people, sponsor education and making better life to other people. John 21 vs. 17.
I am in support what Jesus has planted because want to use as to reach to his people looking condition people are facing hey in Malawi due to poverty.
For instant I have been going in hospital preaching with my friend about healing people are hungry to hear the word of encouragement about Christ Jesus.1 timothy vs5 vs. 6.
That why I came for search contact on internet café asking who understand much better about our heaven kingdom can support to move forward with my goal within my faith to help James 2 vs. 14/15/17.This people need our hand as Christ dwells in us showing love and kindness Jesus lived when he was in this word who live humble, and die on cross of calvary, and became poor for the sake of our life. I shall be happy, before I depart this earth I have to finish my mission and receive a reward from king of kings. That’s why I did not sit down watch my self That’s I had looked who could understand better to support to and fulfill my dream of this ministry that is a reason why I had to communicate with you asking for a fund to a work of god am about to jump in. as you know things in this world needs money as to move forward for every plan as you know things in this world needs money as to move forward for every plan Why your fund is much important as one way to extend financial support to this work I want to be investing stock exchange as use part of profit to this ministry and my personal needs.1 colintianth8 vs. 6. You can contribute about 5,000$-10,000$ by posting through western union branch Senegal as one way to support my dream to work for Jesus and Jesus will reward you as you’re contribution reach and transform poor people(1col.vs13 ) some children will be educated and glorify Jesus because of your intension proverb 3vs9.psalm37v118. Am very great honored to communicate with for the first time sharing things of kingdom, and desire to preach gospel of Jesus blessed the name of lord. Indeed the has bless me to be eating with kings you’re great and blessed to my life such great people in the world who are citizen of heaven with good fruits. Please I beg members of Christ in the name of Jesus I need your support to encourage my ministry you’re my hope through Christ and Jesus will answer my player as to face his power through you’re support. I be excited with your financially support and mu enemies will put to shame who has been putting barrier to stop me for my mission.
Finally, I am counting on you I believe not to put to shame as I looked to Christ Jesus.

God bless you in the name of Jesus.
Daniel E okereke
Direct line: +234-7084-254900
Email: [email protected]

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