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#99074 by marcopaulo Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:41 am
i recieved an email like this:
My Dearest One

I'm Miss ****** the daughter of Late Mr. ****** who was killed during this recent political cirsis in ******** my country as you can read it over the CNN NEWS and BBC NEWS, my late father was one of the top Officer of ****** Company in ****.

Before his death my late father told me that he has a deposit of 3.5 million US dollars in a bank and i will give you all details upon your respond, I would like to invest this fund in any lucrative business in your country due to the fact that we do not have fair investment opportunities because of the frequent political crises, i am the beneficiary of three million five hundred thousand dollars (3.5 million USD) left behind by my late father and I will want to invest it in a suitable environment having you as my guidance and partner.

Would you be in position to guide me towards this noble project, I will appreciate to have you as my trusted partner to invest and manage this fund, kindly provide me with your telephone number and your data to enable us discuss about it, as I have urgent intention of transferring the fund out of *******.

Kind Regards *****

o placed these symbols ** to avoid revealing any names unnecessarily, has anybody else receved a mail like this before? if this were a scam, what would be the consequences for me if i were to take up this person's offer? the person wants me to call up the manager of the bank, as he/she has already informed him about me, and tell the bank manager to transfer that fund to my bank account. this person tells me that his/her uncle wants them dead in able to claim the heritige, that is why he/she wants to transfer that money out of their country into my bank account, and leave their country to come to my country.

#99078 by Dotti Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:03 pm
It's a total scam, otherwise known as a 419 (advance fee) scam.

If you agreed to "help" you would be put in contact with (fake) bankers, lawyers, etc. and would soon find out that there are fees, bribes, or taxes that you need to pay in order to get the money. You would be instructed to send that money to some "official" or "company" but in reality, it is the scammer or one of his accomplices picking it up and keeping it.

The scammer is simply using the name of a famous person. In reality, he has no connection to the person he has mentioned, and he does not have millions to transfer or share. In the end, the only money that would ever change hands is yours-straight to the scammer.

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