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#103223 by Bob Martin Sun May 20, 2012 12:29 am
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Thanks for your urgent response regarding your message noted,we are not interested in any samples from your company, to let you know please send me your product Specification and Price list to enable us choose what we needed you to Supply Ministry of Procurement Service Ghana. Our payment is 80% advance Payment of your total amount of Goods. 20% will pay you back before the Shipment,Send everything by email attachment.

DR.Maxwell Baah (Chairman).
Ministry Procurement Service Ghana
Head Office;445 Building OSU,ACCRA-GHANA
PHONE;+233 26808 4357
P/F+233 303 253734.
Email; [email protected]
EMAIL;[email protected]

Thank you, wishing you the best.
MR.Mike Seko(AGENT).
Cell Phone;+233 54347 3856

These are scam letters. Please do not respond to them. :bondage: :bondage:

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