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#126098 by Reportandie Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:41 am
from: HIT MAN [email protected] via
reply-to: [email protected]
subject: Death Notice

You have been betrayed!!! It’s a pity that this how your life is going to come to an end as your death had already been paid for by someone who is very close to you from all investigations.

I have ordered 3 (three) of my men to monitor every move of you and make sure you are not out of sight till the date of your assassination.

According to the report I gets, you seem to be innocent about what you have been accuse but I have no business with that, so that’s why am contacting you to know if truly you are innocent and how much you value your life.

Get back to me if you sure want to live on, ignore this mail only if you feel it’s a joke or just a threat.

Don’t forget your days on earth are numbered, so you have the chance to live if only you will comply with me.

WARNING: Tell no one about this mail to you because he or she might just be the person who wants you dead, and if that happens, I will be aware and am going to make sure you DIE instantly.

I will give you every detail of where to be and how to take any actions be it legal or illegal, that’s only when I read from you.

You need to stay calm and act unaware of this situation and follow instructions because any move you make that is suspicious; you will DIE as your days are numbered.


I do not know why you send me this. I have asked my mummuy for more pocket money. I have saved 13 dollars and 25 cents.
What do I do now?


you think this is a joke? you shall hear from me soon


I will be listening for your sounds. My mummy will not give me any more pocket money until I help paint the fence.


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