Check Scams, Debt Collection scams and other financial scams.
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Multi-Faceted Counterfeit Check / Overpay Scammer(s) Operating on Craigslist:

They are also soliciting purchases , tutors , ebay items, rentals and vehicles . 800 notes posting of December 2008 indicates an overpay with counterfeit check / money order scam . Several operational romance scams . See links below .The Hunt Continues..........

[email protected]

[email protected]

Scam Email :

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]

I'm so glad to hear the room is still available for is
little about myself, my name is Ji-woo Collins i speak both Korean &
English, am single, fun, loving, clean, and respectful of others,
don't do drugs. My father is from US and my mother is from South Korea
, am 20yrs old, sex female. I was born in South Korea (Seoul) and i
attend Kwang-Woon University, graduated a year ago.

I'm coming for a long term stay and am ready to sign a year lease as
soon as i get to your house, but am presently on research work at Guam
and will be coming for my master's degree from soon. I'll be arriving
December 2nd. and pay for the deposit and one month rent upfront,
loved to call you but here is a remote area calls are very hard to go
through, and also love to come and check at the room before renting
but am very far, with pictures that will makes me happy and feel

Please tell me little about yourself...if you are a student?,
working?, married or single?, if there is a garage or parking space
because i will be coming with my own car. Let me know the total amount
for the first month rent, because i will be paying upfront so that it
will give you strong prove that am really interested in renting the
room from you. Payment will be done via US Cashier's or Certified
Check, so please feed me back with the following details so that i can
ensure you are ready to rent the room to me.

Information to facilitate the mailing of the check...

* Full Name:
* Address, City, State, Zip Code:
* Cell and Home Phone Number:
* Month Rent:

I'll be waiting to read back from you with the information requested
so that i can forward it to my father to issue out the check for the
deposit and month rent up front as soon as possible, with that you can
hold on the place prior my arrival... Thanks for your co-operation


End Scam Email

The Investigation:

Identical and near identical messages posted here:

206-984-0840 is an International Telecom LTD Phone Number and is an internet phone number.

[email protected]

This active craigslist scammer(s) has been operating continuously since 2008 with the same phone number . See

6 pages of posts on .They are operating via email and telephone .

Past aliases and email addresses from 800 notes:

Aka John Smith , December 2008
Aka dan foster , January 2009
Aka Sam Smith , February 2009

Hello..How are u doing today? i come across your advert on craigslist as TUTOR, on this particular subject,

will you get get back to me, how much will cost me for 2hours? and how can i reach you.... and your years of

experience... how long have been into this teaching? you can reach me by mail or call this number 206-984-

0840....Kindly get back to me right way am waiting to read from you soon Have nice day

Shah Brian [email protected] , December 2008
Tel: 206-984-0818
Fax: 206-333-0710

dr.jimson smith [email protected] , January 2009

how are you doing today? I came across your items posted on the site
called I will like to make outright purchase of the
item,i want to know if the item is still available? the present
condition?here is my contact phone number 206-984-0840 Looking towards
your respond,My regard.

[email protected] , January 2009

[email protected] , January 2009 , February 2012 .

Ketty Debra [email protected] , January 2009

[email protected] , June 2009

[email protected] , September 2009 . Currently Operating Romance Scams under this email address: ... utout.html

[email protected] , December 2009

[email protected] , December 2009

[email protected] , February 2009

gary lee01 [email protected] , February 2009

[email protected] , [email protected] , March 2009.

[email protected] , [email protected] , April 2012 . August 2012.

[email protected] , April 2012 .

[email protected] , August 2012

[email protected] , October 2012

[email protected] , August 2012

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