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#147622 by yamaha Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:48 pm

I got scammed on ebay.Thought i was buying a van etc etc. :twisted: :twisted:
Ebay motor protection scheme, pay your money into this account
After searching for a couple of hours i found that most of these ebay scams end up
I have found loads of information on this and other sites that points back to BARCLAYS
I have informed Barclays fraud dept and the police. To be honest i dont expect a good outcome.
What i want to know is how can so many frauulant accounts be opened at one bank.
This scam seems to have been going on for a while now so why hav'nt Barclays done somthing about it. Is it plausable that someone in the bank is letting these accounts pass through?? When i transfered my money into the fraudulant account i gave the Barclays girl a copy of the so called ebay invoice. she did'nt blink any eye and processed it. You would have thought they would be very aware of it.I fell for the scam, my fault, but this could have been avoided if the bank
had done there job properly. i am considering taking this to my mp, the papers and anyone who will listen.
Barclays dont have a very good reputation at the moment.

#147627 by yamaha Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:03 pm
Found all these is less than an hour.
All ebay motors fraud, all Barclays.

Something needs to be done.

Name: Ionut Merticaru
IBAN: GB94BARC20717543203298
BIC / Swift: BARCGB22
Sort Code: 20-71-75
Account No. 43203298
Bank name : Barclays

Beneficiary: I. Fediuc
Bank Name: Barclays
Account no: 53943542
Sort Code: 20-41-41
City: London

Beneficiary: C. Barbalata
Bank Name: Barclays
Account no: 93633438
Sort Code: 20-91-79
City: London

Beneficiary: P. Lorient
Bank Name: Barclays
Account no: 23503038
Sort Code: 20-41-41
City: London
United Kingdom

Beneficiary: E. Solcanu
Bank Name: Barclays
Account no: 63357554
Sort Code: 20-91-79
City: London
United Kingdom

Account Name: E.Tractor
Bank sort code: 20-29-41
Bank Account : 63275949
Bank Name: Barclays
Bank address: London, United Kingdom

Beneficiary: A. Ciule
Bank Name: Barclays
Account no: 53761282
Sort Code: 20-53-04
City: London

Oct 2011
Country: United Kingdom
Beneficiary: S. Andronache
Bank Name: Barclays
Account no: 63614565
Sort Code: 20-74-63
City: London
Oct 2011
Name: Alison Neale
Address: 76B Strathern Road
Dundee, Angus
Beneficiary: R. Hustiuc
Bank Name: Barclays
Account no: 63902390
Sort Code:20-29-77
City: London

April 2012
Beneficiary: D. Dragoi
Bank Name: Barclays
Account no: 73303136
Sort Code: 20-35-93
City: London

Bank account details:
Beneficiary: I. Bunea
Bank Name: Barclays
Account no: 13831965
Sort Code: 20-29-41
City: London

Mr M. Tomescu Account no. 13549216, sort code 20-92-63, Barclays, London
I. Bunea Account no. 13831965, sort code 20-29-41, Barclays, London (used at least twice)
jurgi goldberg Account no. 23378837, sort code 20-27-49, barclays bank, 53 broadway, w5 5js.
F. Marandiuc Account no. 43351939, sort code 20-95-61, Barclays (used at least twice)
D. Dragoi Account no: 73303136, sort Code 20-35-93, Barclays, London

Account Name: E B AUTO
IBAN: GB94 BARC 2029 7753 1590 43
Bank Name: Barclays Bank PLC
Account No: 53159043
Sort Code: 20-29-77

Account Name: JAKUM BAKUN
IBAN: GB94 BARC 2029 7753 1590 43
Bank Name: Barclays Bank PLC
Account No: 53159043
Sort Code: 20-29-77

Account Name: A.M. PARC
Bank Account Number: 43103226
Bank Sort Code: 20-29-77
Bank Name: Barclays
Bank address: United Kingdom

Account Name: V.KARABUSI
Bank Account Number: 33064271
Bank Sort Code: 202977
Bank Name: Barclays Bank
Bank address: United Kingdom

Account Name: eBay U.K
IBAN: GB59 BARC 2029 7763 9575 19
Bank Name: Barclays Bank PLC
Account No: 63957519
Sort Code: 20-29-77
Bank address: Enfield,Leicester, LE87 2BB,United Kingdom
#148582 by Rumble Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:33 pm
I recently got scammed by Ionut Merticaru and lost money paying for a holiday villa rental. Can anyone let me know if and when they informed Barclays bank of their suspicions that this was a rouge account

The account number that we were given was 532 032 98, sort code 20-71-75
#148876 by TerranceBoyce Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:10 am
If you lost money, then report it to the police and get a crime reference. If you don't it will just be ignored and the same scammer will keep on doing it.

I'm still in a state of shock over the style (name) of the last account mentioned in the post by 'yamaha'. :shock:

This is the type of thing that is laughed about as stupid things banks do and I trust that it MUST be wrong. You can't just open a bank account in any name you choose, not in my day anyway, and if this isn't controlled money laundering legislation is pointless.

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#157747 by yamaha Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:44 am

Spoken to others on another forum and we are trying to get
them involved.

Will keep you posted
#160900 by yamaha Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:46 pm

The police don't seem interested neither do Barclays. Myself and another victim are trying to get a list of people together who have been scammed. The reason is as individuals we cannot get anything done as a group we may have a chance.Barclays need to be made to do something about this situation.

If you want to try and get something done please pm me your details.
Just a name and an address or contact number/email. And also if possible the account details you paid into.

#160906 by TerranceBoyce Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:17 pm

CIFAS is the UK's Fraud Prevention Service with 270 Member organisations spread across banking, credit cards, asset finance, retail credit, mail order, insurance, investment management, telecommunications, factoring and share dealing.

Providers are legally required to close accounts that are used to launder money and can be heavily fined by international regulators if they fail to do so.

The evidence of multiple people reporting being the victim of the same bank account holders again and again appears to indicate otherwise.

Are the banks failing, regulators, or both ? - as if that's never happened before.

It's a matter that victims should put before regulators, the media and their MP's and forming a presssure group is the correct way to go.

MP's will listen to you - their job depends on doing so.

If banks aren't following their own published guidelines, then they are vulnerable to criticism at the very least, and possibly more.

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#161512 by yamaha Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:34 pm
The biggest problem i am having is getting others to help.
If more people could read my post am pm me then maybe we could do something as a group.
Contacting my mp may be a good idea. I can try. I Had it out with a Barclays manager and he basically told
me that Barclays had done nothing wrong allowing these fraudulent accounts to be opened. He said all the relevant checks will have been done. 6 fraudulent accounts all from the same branch seems very suspicious to me. I'm basically banging my head against a brick wall as no one wants to help. The financial ombudsman told me to take it up with Barclays.
#161519 by Ivebeenhad Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:00 pm

Looks like I've fallen for this one too.

2010audi a3 1.6 TDI S line 3dr

However i fell for it via a bogus auto trader advert who then used a fake google wallet set up. My bank natwest have said there's nothing they can do except report it to the police and I've just been on the phone to action fraud however I'm not sure what anyone can do?!

I sent money to what looks like a Spanish account number and not a Barclays like you mention Yamaha.
It was a mrs Debbie smyth
IBAN 20858089500330298588
Swift code CAZRES2Z

Now ive found this forum I feel sick about falling for the whole thing but it seems they're getting away with it daily!
#161522 by TerranceBoyce Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:21 pm
Weasel words from the bank manager that actually avoids the issue.

The money laundering regulations impose greater responsibility than just ensuring that the bank accounts are opened within the regulations, and it's laughably pathetic for him to suggest otherwise and CIFAS states the same. Is a tinpot branch manager or the spokesperson for the banking and financial industry correct ?

Perhaps this bank manager is operating to a different set of rules to the rest of the UK banking industry.

The first rule to complaining is not to allow yourself to be fobbed off and to carry on regardless.

My last but one complaint was turned down by every official body until I took it to my MP, a QC, who was well placed to see that my legal argument was correct, and it was easier to give in than take the risk of it it turning into a court case. In my latest one I was on the point of going to court and I would have won. These were minor issues and wouldn't have been costly to me.

The Money Box programme would be a good place to take this but I think you would be well advised to take it to the FOS by submitting a written formal complaint after following the correct procedure.

If you give me brief details of your situation and what happened I can give you a wording to use and explain the situation in a manner that impress the risk and dangers to the public from this fraud that appears to be handled in a manner not consistent with what the banks publicity mouthpiece tells us.

Underlying your complaint is the fundamental issue as to whether or not UK banks are properly administering moneylaundering legislation (of which there has been international evidence they don't) and, if that is the case, the financial industry remains fundamentally flawed.

My health is a bit flakey so don't rush me, but this matter annoys me and nothing gets me going like this sort of issue.

To Ivebeenhad

The one thing they can do is shut down the account.

Some money mules are innocent victims themselves, but if they are, they should be required to repay the money and be given one chance. If their accounts are consistently being used to receive money fraudulently then there isn't an issue. The account holders, or their bank, should face prosecution and the account holder should be blacklisted.

Money laundering is a crime, not a business enterprise. Government and law enforcement are obliged to take action by law. I worked in a bank and turning a blind eye or ignoring reports of fraud is itself a criminal act by bank staff. I know this because banks told their staff this regularly. Staff are personally liable if they don't report fraud and they are required both to scrutinise all payments for fraud, and report them.

It's inconvenient - but so's adhering to speed limits. The same bank accounts should not be appearing in these forums repeatedly.

Notice that this doesn't appear to be such a problem in the USA. Perhaps money laundering is the new British disease, or growth industry.

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#161725 by TerranceBoyce Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:24 am
If a victim will take their story to MoneyBox I'll be happy to write out their case and I'm only offering because I spent my working life in banking and know the issues and law, and can put your case forcefully. Obviously you'd have editorial control as I don't want to put words in your mouth or say things you don't agree with, but I know what to say.

I'll also consider taking the matter to my MP on behalf of victims, and I'll let you know if and when I do it - he's heard from me before, and I'll alert him to the fact that my advice to other victims is to take the matter to their MP's and approach

I'm not sure whether or not the public have access to them, but they're our servants so they tell us.

Banks are frightened of MP's and the media and they're getting toasted by both currently and deservedly so. It won't take much pressure to make them behave properly in an issue where it's patently obvious they are failing badly - again.

As sympathetic as I feel to dupes who have been tricked in to acting as money mules, they should be made to repay the money they've laundered - that's natural justice, but if they continue to do it beyond the point at which they're warned, then they're indulging in a criminal act knowingly and should face prosecution.

It's the law that banks act - if they don't they should be prosecuted - again, it's the law.

Failing to act is merely encouraging and supporting crime.

This is what Peter Hurst, Chief Executive of CIFAS says

Money from drug dealing, investment and boiler rooms scams, fake lotteries, people trafficking and prostitution is pushed through these scams, so that ‘dirty’ money is made to appear as if it is ‘clean’.

Actions are not matching words.

The simple argument is to place the claims and weasel words beside the evidence that action isn't being taken and money laundering laws are not being properly enforced by UK banks, and this has happened before. The criminals only need to find one weak link, one sloppy manager, one lax branch or a bank that puts profit before its legal obligations, and they can end up supporting global terrorism and drug cartels because everyone turns a blind eye.

Another quote, this time from Financial Fraud Action UK

Financial Fraud Action UK is the name under which the financial services industry co-ordinates its activity on fraud prevention

Ignorance is no excuse – allowing your bank account to be used for fraud can result in ten years in prison!

There appear to be a lot more bodies representing the UK financial industry promising co-ordination and precious little action.

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#164087 by craigwww Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:00 pm
I too have just been scammed for purchase of a hot tub..£3500 gone.

This was through ebay but I made the payment via bank transfer and have no comeback. Police, my bank and ebay all informed but obviously no help.

The bank account was a Barclays account details below.

I would be happy to put my name to any mass pressure or action against Barclays.

Name: Mark Andu Jude
Address: Bridge St
City: Halkirk
County: Highland
Postal Code: KW12 6XY
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone #: 0184 759 8093
E-mail: [email protected]

Bank: Barclays Bank Plc.
Bank Address: 19a Union St, Inverness, IV1 1QA, U.K.

Sort Code: 20-46-60
Account #: 53-87-12-07
Iban: GB17 BARC 2046 6053 8712 07
Swift: BARC GB 22
#164124 by TerranceBoyce Wed May 01, 2013 3:40 am
Welcome to Scamwarners craigwww and I regret you gave suffered such a devastating loss.

The information you've provided helps and I'll do some more work on it.

The concern is that the majority of these scams are all being perpetrated through the same bank and possibly the same branch.

Ignore the references to Scotland as that is just misdirection by the scammer who can't even spell the fake branch address and no Scotsman refers to the Highlands as a country.

If you look up Sort Code: 20-46-60, it relates to Leicestershire but that's just a sorting depot and, as far as I can tell, it relates to an area of Central London referred to as Kingsland 2. I'll try to narrow down to which branch(es) it relates specifically. This fraud will carry on as long as people are unaware of what's actually going on.

If this is all going on through one branch of one bank then it is a serious matter for concern, and one that can be pursued. I have a banking background and I find what's going on an utter disgrace.

As regards your particular scammer, the name you've been given will usually some form of anagram of his real name, attempting to obscure his identity, but giving him a means of justifying that the payment is intended for him if it is queried.

It then becomes possible to at least identify the nationality of the person and possibly even his exact name.

I can work out what the last name of the person involved is and their nationality. Also the mere fact that they have made positive attempts to obscure their location and name is clear proof of their criminal intent. People don't forget their name or where they live.

Let's presume that the last name of the account holder is 'Markandu' - which is what they gave you, but with the space missing. :wink:

The bank address is - Barclays Bank PLC., 3-5 Kingsland High Street, Dalston, Hackney, London, E8 2JT

CAR ADVERTS - If a car seller mentions escrow - he's scamming you Never ever for any reason pay anything until you have seen and inspected the vehicle
#164300 by skodabrouk Fri May 03, 2013 6:11 pm
My Friend has just been scammed by this guy - £3500 for a Shepherd's Rest Metal Clad Hut. i suspect the account is a Money Mule account owned by Mark and Judith Someone, who are getting a commission.

Name: Mark Andu Jude
Address: Urquhart J Farm, Kirkhill
City: Inverness
County: Highland
Postal Code: IV5 7PY
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone #: 0146 389 8612
E-mail: [email protected]

Bank: Barclays Bank Plc.
Bank Address: 19a Union St, Inverness, IV1 1QA, U.K.

Sort Code: 20-46-60
Account #: 53-87-12-07
Iban: GB17 BARC 2046 6053 8712 07
Swift: BARC GB 22

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