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Global Funding Corporation at



Plus associated domains and which redirect to the above.

Stolen identity: There is a UK registered company of long standing of this name and using this address. However it is not the kind of company that would be able to make the claims on this website.

We represent big investors from whom we source the funds for our funding against your Bank/financial Instruments. Our big investors have hundreds of billions of dollars ready to be loaned to you against your bank/financial instruments at a very competitive minimal rate. We have a large network of connections with the top financial institutions around the globe. We at Global Funding Corporation limited have established very close relationships with several big private financial sources.

We offer reasonable terms and conditions to our clients who want to monetize bank/financial instruments and our loan is mainly non-recourse facility. We loan for a maximum maturity range/period of thirty (30) years and minimum maturity range/period of two (2) years.

Our clients expect us to perform with precision in a short turnaround time. Our delivery period from the day you contact us to the day the loan/cash arrives in your nominated bank account is ten (10) business day or less.

* Bank/Financial Instruments must have a minimum of $10M on Instrument Face Value
* Bank/Financial Instrument may be owned or leased (must already be in client's possession)
* The client must be in control of the Bank/Financial instrument and be able to deliver the Bank/Financial instrument to our financial institution by either DTC or MT760.
* Top 25 Banks's Instruments Only - cash backed or gold backed
* Turn Times are 2 weeks or less

Telephone: +44 1704 468012
Fax: +44 1704 337173
E-mail: [email protected]


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