Fake banks, couriers, law firms, escrow and other fake sites used in scams.
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Abroad Immo at http://abroad-immo.com

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Abroad Immo® was created as a small family business in year 2003, a short while after director Alexander Reyes finished his post grade studies (MBA- AUEB London business school) and after working as senior executive for an important local real estate company.

Wo took advantage of the internet and we used it as our N°1 tool to communicate with our clients and to promote our services and products. We realised the huge potential that the internet has to offer and by this, in just 2 years we opened our second office in Ireland, focusing on the same strategies as before: helping foreigners to successfully invest in a real estate property in United Kingdom and Ireland.

In just 1 year we were receiving more and more requests from our former Clients to help them sell their forein properties. This lead to a change in our strategy of doing business. We went from dealing only locally and nationally in Ireland and the United Kingdom to handling property transactions world wide through the internet.

What began in London, UK, in 2003 as "a pad of paper and a dream" is now an international real estate agency that spreads across over 14 countries.

UK Heaquarters: Theobalds Rd, London, WC1B, UK
Office Ireland: Exchequer St, Dublin, Irland
Office Italy: Via Luigi Santini, 00153 Roma, Italy
Office Romania: Calea Victoriei, 010072 Bucharest, Romania
Office Belgium: Rue Royale, 1210 Bruxelles, Belgium
Phone & Fax Number : 020 81441110
Email: [email protected]
International Sales: [email protected]
International Rentals: [email protected]
Timeshare: [email protected]

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