Fake banks, couriers, law firms, escrow and other fake sites used in scams.
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Coldwell Homes at http://coldwell-homes.com

The real Coldwell Banker
is at https://www.coldwellhomes.com

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Nowadays, understanding that the Internet and real estate professionals are the top two resources most buyers turn to when searching for a home, we changed the way we do business so we take full advantage of what Internet can do for us. All of our Clients properties are now promoted locally but in the same time we advertise it world wide on the Internet. Although our agents are only at our offices, this was never an issue because once we reach an agreement with our clients via email and telephone, an agent will be sent with the first flight to meet the Client, take the tour of the property and close the deal.

We believe being obsessed with our Clients needs is the key to our success. Our motto is: "Would I buy this property?" That is why our clients will find here at Coldwell Homes the best deals in Real Estate.

Although we have been very successful in establishing our company in assessing foreign buyers in the residential property market, we have remained the same young, dynamic, full of enthusiasm and friendly business, treating each client with all our attention and care, and aiming for excellence at all times.

Today Coldwell Homes is a really prestigious, over 1200 people have bought home with us and have no hesitation in recommending our services, largely due to the constant effort to maintain a smooth post-sale communication with each and every one of our Clients and a personalized service.

Headquarters London: 38 Imperial Rd, London SW6
Office: Ul. Vladimira Nazora 58,10000, Zagreb
Office Italy: Via della Moscova, 14, 20121 Milano
Phone: +44 02 08144 1110
Fax: +44 02 08144 1111
Email: [email protected]
International Sales: [email protected]
International Rentals: [email protected]
Timeshare: [email protected]

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