Fake banks, couriers, law firms, escrow and other fake sites used in scams.
#337268 by HannahsDad Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:17 am
Fixed Income Investments at http://fixed-investments.co.uk

Fixed Income Investments offer the highest quality options to an exclusive calibre of investors. Our secure process is fuss-free and entirely straightforward with healthy rates of interest, low entry levels and positive returns. A great option for those seeking intelligent investments.

Investments from £5000
Experienced developer with proven track records
Interest paid every 6 months
Annual returns of up to 12%
All bonds are completely 100% asset backed

Neither we nor the companies that we promote are authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not apply to this transaction and you will have no recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service should things go wrong.

Tel: 0203 137 8399

No company details.
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