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Content preview: From The Office Of New Payment Director CENTRAL BANK NIG PLC.
MR DAVID UDONNA This is to officially inform you that we have verified your
contract/Inheritance file and discovered reasons why you are yet to receive
your Payment.It is because of irregularities and complications discovered
On your payment file by our technical experts in respect to your Contract
/ inheritance payment requirements which have just been duly Rectified. [...]

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From The Office Of New Payment Director

This is to officially inform you that we have verified your contract/Inheritance
file and discovered reasons why you are yet to receive your Payment.It is because
of irregularities and complications discovered On your payment file by our technical
experts in respect to your Contract / inheritance payment requirements which have
just been duly Rectified.

Meanwhile, we have been informed that you are still dealing with Impostors and
non-recommended officials in the bank, such acts must Stop for security reasons if
you wish to receive your payment. Since we Have decided to bring a solution to your
problem, right now we have Arranged your payment through our ATM Swift Card Payment
this is the Latest instruction by the elected president Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari
(GCFR) Federal republic of Nigeria,

We have received a credit advice and a detailed payment instruction to deliver your
Gold Inter-Swift Gold ATM CARD to your nominated home address and we are very
happy to inform you that all process to deliver this fund through this means of
payment to your home address has commenced by World Bank and United Nation bring
this solution toward all beneificaires to received there fund via atm secreting
without any stop-order by IMF and IRS with others agencies,

We have paid few beneficiaries this Year below are there DHL tracking numbers of
these beneficiaries we have paid please feel free to track all the DHL tracking
numbers below and conform these beneficiaries have below DHL Tracking Numbers have
received there Inter-Swift Gold ATM CARD smoothing by them comply well with us
right now them are happy with there families celebrating which all arrangement
toward your Inter-Swift Gold ATM CARD to dispatch have been finalized and that is
the secrete way you can received your fund via Inter-Swift Gold ATM CARD without
any problem feel free to track below DHL tracking numbers and find out that you are
going to rejoice as soon as you comply with us,

TRACKING NO;1088350281
TRACKING NO;1088350303
TRACKING NO;1088350351
TRACKING NO;1088350373
TRACKING NO;1088350550
TRACKING NO;1088350620
TRACKING NO;1088350443
TRACKING NO;1088350270
TRACKING NO;1088350480

Your fund payment was load into your atm card today which we have handle it to DHL
as order giving to us from Office of the Presidency which the DHL are asking for
the DHL DELIVERY CHARGE AND INSURANCE CHARGE of $60 to able your Inter-Swift Gold
ATM CARD delivery to your doorstep which the cost of delivery and insurance fees
is $60 you should sent the fee to us via western union Money Transfer Service or
Monetgram with the information below to enable us clear with DHL so that you will
have your Inter-Swift Gold ATM CARD received within 72hours and please understand
that your Inter-Swift Gold ATM CARD was giving to DHL today with all the documents
that will back the delivery of your Inter-Swift Gold ATM CARD have been package

I will advice you to try your best so that we can cleared with DHL Delivery charge
to able your atm card atm card departed without any problem please go ahead and
have the fee send today so that your Inter-Swift Gold ATM CARD will be departed
same day and you can contact DHL by below information for more information,

EMAIL'. [email protected]
PRIVATE EMAIL.;[email protected]
TELEPHONE. 234-8155533328

Contact DHL for more information i am giving you 100% guarantee and assure that
immediately the fee is well received your DHL tracking number will send to you so
that you will be at home and tracking your atm card toward you to know the actual
day it will deliver to you so that you will received it and signed for pick up
please do not delay by getting back to us within 24hours becuase delay is


We shall be expecting to receive the completed filled form of $60 as quickly as
possible to enable DHL departed the delivery of your atm card to you home address
immediately. We are going to send you the DHL delivery airway bill and tracking
number as soon as the fee is well receive and bear in mind your atm card have been
activated which as soon as you receive it you are going to start making huge of
money withdrawing from the atm card like $50,000 per transaction and limit in a day
is $350,000 this is the secrete pin code of your atm card (8076) please keep it for
your self for security reason,
Thanks and I waiting for your update

The New Executive payment
DIRECT LINE,234-8178293138

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