Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
#341580 by Kara Thrace Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:49 pm
I'm miss Grace.I Saw Your contact information, I have some thing
important for you ok.


My dear Friend.
May God bless you with good health amen. I am happy to hear back from you as i requested in my previous mail. Honestly my dear i am in a very bad condition now which makes me to contact you today because i will need your urgent assistance to help me travel down to your country and settle down. First of all let me introduce myself.

NAMES: Miss. Grace Udoson
AGE: 15 /07 /1997 (20 years old)
SEX: Female
TELEPHONE: +22502495760
OCCUPATION: STUDENT (Studying Medicine)
FATHER NAME: Mr. Suleman Udoson (dead since 2002 when i was only 5 years)
MOTHER NAME: Mrs. Eloide Udoson (dead on 26 Octorber 2016 as result of Endometrial cancer )
MY FATHER OCCUPATION: Importer and Suppliers Of Aluminum and Iron Steel Company (Control by my late mother)
NATIONALITY: Republic of Cote Divoire
MY IDENTIFICATION: I attahced my ID card and passport copy and photos.

I contacted you today because, Before my mother died in the hospital she told me that she made some deposit, sum of
( $3,500,000 Million dollars ) in a bank which she wanted to use to build a 5 Star Hotel Residence before her sickness became worst. Furthermore, my mother told me to look for a foreign partner in any country of my choice who I can trust to help me transfer the money out of this country and invest it for me in any good business venture while i continue my education.

I wanted to wait until when i am graduate from University but i can't wait any more because i am really suffering now, my uncle is maltreating me so bad since the death of my mother, i dont go to school any more because of so much sufferings, that is why i contacted you to help me to transfer the money to your account so you will help me secure visa and ticket to come over to stay with you and your family and continue my education while you help me to invest the money. after the completion of the transaction I promise to compensate you with 40% of the money for every effort you made to save my from this bad condition
Please do not refuse to grant me this help because i really need your help so I can relocate over to your country as soon as possible because I am really suffering now.
God bless you as I wait your answer soon.
Miss. Grace Udoson

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