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Errands Courier Services has been providing forwarding services for more than three years now. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who regularly get certified and verified for competency. Over the years, Test Compant inc has delivered packages to a variety of places and gained many major business partners all around the world.

Errands Courier Services has been doing freight forwarding services throughout the last 8 years. We are engaged in the delivery of large (not bulky) cargo and mail from online stores and popular auctions, such as eBay. We also provide storage of your goods in our warehouses in the United States. Our staff consists of experienced professionals who constantly improve their skills and get new certificates, so that company Errands Courier Services can provide its customers with the best service in the market of transport companies. Over the years of our work Errands Courier Services has delivered more than 30,000 items by mail, as well as more than 15,000 major cargo, and we have a host of major business partners around the world. Many of our team members have extensive experience with eBay, previously working with supplies from the United States to countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Estonia.


To perform this operation, you will need to stay in your home during the delivery of postal items from 8AM till 5PM all parcels are delivered to the customer's name who ordered them. Parcels are delivered to your home with the help of postal services such as UPS, Fedex, USPS, DHL, and OnTrack. You will receive parcels from internet stores that do not send the goods outside of the United States, as well as sellers on eBay. After receiving the package, it is necessary to make an external inspection of the goods, and upload photos to a working web panel. After checking the parcel, a prepaid shipping label will be added to the working panel for sending out the parcels to our processing center or to our couriers in other parts of the world for delivery to the clients. Parcels that you will receive can be divided into 2 categories: corporate (electronics) and private (clothing, car parts, etc...). We do not work with products that are banned for export from the United States. Sending parcels should be obtained within 2-4 hours after receiving the prepaid Shipping label.

Principial Duties:
Being at home during the delivery of parcels to your home from 8AM till 5PM;
Take the product and check for visual defects;
Make 4-5 pictures of the received goods and load them into a working web panel;
Print Prepaid Jurisdictions Shipping label and send the package within 3 hours after the addition of shipping label from the nearest post office USPS or FedEx;
Upload a photo of the receipt obtained from the post office to the working web panel.

A valid US ID or DL;
About 15 square feet of free space;
Minimum 21y/o;
Basic knowledge of PC, Internet, e-mail;
Basic knowledge of MS Office or Open Office;
A digital camera or a scanner;
Accuracy of completing jobs.

Salary, Bonuses and Benefits:
Guaranteed salary of $2700 per month, regardless of the number of postages;
Compensation for consumable office supplies, the cost of gasoline and maintenance of vehicles;
Payment is made by any of the methods: Western Union, Check, Bank Transfer, PayPal.

1332 Main Street Columbia, SC 29201 United States
+1 (803) 369 3633
[email protected]

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