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Sarah Grover <[email protected]> wrote:


Thanks for your interest.
The apartment has a living area of ​​62 sqm, 1 bedroom, fully furnished and was recently renovated.
Here are some photos and details:
The property can be rented unfurnished, in this case, I take care of the transportation and storage of furniture.
The apartment has air conditioning, stove, refrigerator / freezer, washing machine, LED TV every room, vacuum cleaner etc.
The utilities (water, heating, electricity) are included in the rent of € 400 and a monthly automatically paid from my account.
I decided to keep the rent this apartment affordable, because it is not my main source of income and I am aware
as overpriced real estate in Germany. My priority is not to make huge profits, but to find a nice tenant who takes care of the apartment.
The security deposit of 400 € will be refunded on departure (a 30-day notice is required).
Pets are allowed, provided they do not cause any serious damage.

Now a little bit about myself: My name is Sarah Grover and I am from the United Kingdom.
I bought the house and renovated, when I lived in 2017 for a year and a half in Germany and worked.
Now I'm back in the UK permanently, so look for a reliable tenant. The best would be a contract of long duration, but may not necessarily be so.
Unfortunately, I can no longer in the coming months for professional and health reasons to travel abroad. Therefore, I have a real estate agency
entrusted with great experience in international Rentals to handle the whole process. The cost for that I will completely take over.
So if you like this, let me know how many people you intend to collect and for how long.
About more information about yourself, I would also pleased me very much.
You can answer in English or German.

Sincerely yours,
Sarah Grover

From: Sarah Grover < [email protected] >

Thank you for your response,

The property is owned by Luton Homes, a local real estate company that specializes in international transactions. Their website is: .
She will make an appointment with you and settle the payment and the contract.
For questions you can always turn to them because I may not always am available. You can find the details on the "Contact" page on their website.

And so the hire:

1. First you must register with the Agency: register by entering your personal information into the form.
2. I put behind two sets of keys and the necessary paperwork in the office.
3. The agency will send you the bill for the first month's rent (€ 400) and the deposit (€ 400) by e-mail.
This is only a reservation of the property and natural no final commitment.
Once the payment has been made, the Agency agreed with you an appointment, and within one to two days, you can meet a broker in Germany,
showing you the property and will help you with the formalities.
4. After the tour, if you are satisfied with the apartment, you sign with the broker the agreement, will receive the keys and can move in.
If you do not like the apartment for some reason, you have no commitments and can be obtained from the Agency an immediate full repayment.
The whole process should take three days to complete any longer.

I pay for the services of the agency, so that you are no additional costs.
If you are currently still tied to another contract and can move in immediately, we can now arrange the visit and book the apartment for you.
Since we unfortunately can not personally meet you, you will find a copy of my passport in the notes, so you have a reference for your potential landlord.
Please think about my offer to and share me whether we are in business because there are other prospects and I make a decision needs.

Have a nice day!

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Sarah Grover

This Scammer will arrange to send you an Invoice or notification -- Make no mistake, the document will be fake !
If you are reading this because you have received such an invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities.


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