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Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Overview of Tear Sheet Program for Your Clients

I am attaching the promised sample overview of our Tear Sheet Program., You will note, as we discussed, there is no hold necessary for this program. Your client simply reminds his banker at HSBC to send POF via MT799 each Friday. (Most Tear Sheet clients remind their banker on Thursday, to send the 799 on Friday.)
I call our Tear Sheet Program our flagship product. Under this program, every $100M will generate 100% per month (paid 25% weekly). Without drawing down, your $100M will matriculate, (net of our 3% commission), to over $88B in just 40 weeks... and the money stays in your client's bank account throughout the trade year.

Example:An investor with $1.8B will see their bank account swell each week, exceeding $1.5 Trillion if left to compound for 40 weeks. (Less if they choose to draw down during the year.) We have a spreadsheet which provides the weekly details showing how those funds compound each month to these extraordinary amounts.
As we discussed, there are two things which make our program unique:
Bank Guaranteed. Not a mere “Best Efforts” basis. This program is different than almost every other trade opportunity because all Traders are bank employees. Therefore, the trading bank (DBS Singapore) is able to issue a Live Transaction Code. This means the bank is standing behind the performance of the Traders and their transactions. If they fail to perform as contracted, they can lose their license to operate.
Compoundability! For every other PPP, if you trade 100M, and it pays out 100% per month, you’ll make 100M per month. (1B over the 40-week period). With this program, your returns compound monthly. At the end of the first month, your 100M will become 200M. By the end of the second month, you’ll have (not 300M, but 200 x 2) 400M. Successive months will result in balances of 800M; 1.6B; 3.2B; 6.4B, etc.

Some clients choose to add to their balance during the trading period. I can’t blame them as they will enjoy a 25% per week return… bank-guaranteed.
This is a tested and proven program. My mentor, Mr. xxxxxx xxxxx, put his own funds in, before allowing his clients to try it. We now have over 70 clients who have followed his lead, and entered a trade contract, to date. They are all receiving payouts each week… like clockwork.

1) Client must have a minimum of 100M Euros/USD in an account in a top 20 bank (preferably banks located in Western Europe; UK; Canada; United States; Singapore; Hong Kong)

2) Clients must submit the following Compliance documents:

NOTE: All documents/agreements must be signed in wet blue ink. (No Electronic Signatures).

A) Client Information Sheet (CIS)
B) Passport Copy
C) Forwarding of an e-mail link from the Client’s bank officer to the Client which includes an attached Bank Confirmation Letter stating that there is a minimum of 100M Euros/USD of unencumbered funds on deposit in the Client’s designated account.

Subject: Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL) and Genealogy Requirements/Procedures

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please be advised that my office in an attempt to assist you in expediting/procuring from your financial institution the most critical and important aspect/component of your Compliance Package submission namely the Bank Confirmation (BCL) and Genealogy (which is the e-mail communiqué received from your financial institution’s server directly to your server’s e-mail account/address) please find enclosed the basic and non-evasive language/information that must be provided/contained in your (BCL).

* Financial Institution Letterhead
* Name of Corporation/Principal
* Name of Account Holder
* Name of Account Signatory
* Account Number #
* Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL) which must contain the following verbiage:

1.The account is in good standing.
2.The funds on account are free, clear. unencumbered and of non-criminal origin.
3.The account has a minimum of 100M USDs/Euros on account
4. If submitting a bank instrument (i.e. SBLC; Bank Guarantee; MTN) for monetization to go into trade BCL must state that the bank instrument has a minimum face value 100M Euros/USD.

Forwarding of an e-mail link from the Client’s bank officer to the Client (i.e. originating bank officer secure e-mail to the Client’s secure e-mail) which includes an attached Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL) stating that the Client is the Owner/Titleholder of the bank instrument (i.e. SBLC; BG; MTN) and that the instrument is on deposit in the Client’s designated account. The BCL should also confirm the details of the bank instrument (i.e. Issuing Bank; Amount; and Issue/Expiry dates.

NOTE: All signatures must be in wet blue ink - NO ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES

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