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Microsoft Award Team
Address: 5404 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 700
Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815, Washington
USA Phone: (301) 771-8000.
Ref: BTD / 968/019, USA.


We are pleased to inform you that the long-awaited result in 2019 for Microsoft email users has been published.

We are writing to inform you that Microsoft and entire websites have developed and successfully organized lotteries timed to 2019. We have laid out over £ 24, 000, 000 .00 for our annual draws. Lottery participants were randomly selected and selected from a wide range of emails. many web hosts that we enjoy their patronage around the world. The choice was made using a computer drawing system that attaches personalized email addresses to ticket numbers. Microsoft is currently the largest Internet company, and in order for Internet Explorer to remain the most widely used program, Microsoft is conducting beta testing of email.

Your email address, as indicated, was drawn and attached to the ticket number: (ALO79-55-279-18) with the serial number: (ALOTD / 9/14/06/07) and painted the lucky number: (885-32-48 - 40 (111), as a result of which you won seven hundred twenty-five thousand British pounds (£ 725, 000.00) as one of the 12 winners of this draw. Draws registered under number 9 were held in Washington, USA, 30 December 2019. These draws are commemorative and, as such, you have been approved for a one-time cash payment (GBP 725, 000.00) pounds in cash, which is a winning payment for the winners of the second category. This is the total prize in GBP £ 8,700,000. 00 are distributed among the twelve winners in the second category

Your winnings must be claimed at our European payment bank in London, UK, since we notified them. Due to the confusion that may arise from the emails of the winners and numbers, we advise you not to strictly allow this reward until public notice until your request has been received. processed and your money transferred to your bank account. This is part of our security protocols in order to avoid double claims or dishonest actions on the part of participants in this program. To begin the application process, we advise you to immediately contact our payment bank in London, which will also be your claimant

Note: make sure that you send your winning information as indicated above to the bank to identify your winnings

Contact Person: Dr. Andrew Webb (Claims Agent)
Email: ([email protected])

Our special thanks go to Bill Gates and his colleagues around the world. We wish you good luck this season.
Note. You only have two weeks from the date of publication to qualify for your prize, or you may lose your winnings.

best wishes
Mrs. Lynn Howard
Vice president
Microsoft Promotion & Online Coordinator (USA)

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