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#88998 by Grunt Tue Mar 06, 2012 6:22 pm
Felix Walker <[email protected]>
Tell us a little about yourself: I am sweet, nice,charming, attractive ., with a real self depreciating sense of humor. I specialize in business.I am seeking an energetic Relationship and more -- swimming and flying would be a great PLUS. I truly believe in friendship first, last and always as the basis for any long term relationship. The best thing I can really say about myself is that I am a truly NICE guy,
intelligent (but not arrogant), very humble and down to earth, extremely polite, playful, loyal, very sincere, and truly care about other people's feelings at all times!! I PROMISE you won't be disappointed in developing friendship with me and seeing where it goes.Ideally my match would be sweet and attractive (inside and out), smart,funny, friendly, energetic with a REAL spirit of adventure. Someone who is KIND to herself and others. Athletic, swimming (and perhaps any nice games) would be a big plus. Finally, someone who believes in friendship, first, last, and always as basis for a solid relationship. It is also important that she treats everyone as equals, race, class, etc., and has a spirit of giving to those less fortunate in the world. Maybe all this is asking too much? But,at minimum, she must love herself in order to care for another.My true passion is the outdoors and all that it offers two people who enjoy mother nature. I also love being at home to take care of my woman, to share duties of the house, going out to dinner or staying home while i cook for you. Then i like to snuggle on the couch and kiss, hug and be all intimate with my choose woman.

About Me
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 55 years old
Location: University Park, TX, US
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Religion: Christian
Occupation: construction
Education: Some College
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Blue
Body Type: Average
Height: 178 cm
Children: I have children
Smoking: Non-Smoker
Relationship Status: Widowed
Astrological Sign: Gemini

message on metrodate:
how are you doing?i hope you are doing as well as am look beautiful
i decide to write to you so we can know more about each other.....i hope am not bothering you if am not i will looking forward to hear from you soon.

message to private address:
nice to hear from you.. when are you normally online? i will like us to chat and get to know more about each other.... i hope to hear from you..

ISP: Ghana Telecom
Country: Ghana
State/Region: Greater Accra
City: Accra


#89188 by ratt84 Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:40 am
went in January 2011
by the name [email protected]

now without pic on FB
uid 100003374541264
Stuart R James
and his former friends are deleted

also reported 02/04/2012 on
Wanted care packages sent to
Evans Morgan
P.O. Box 1166 Ach-Mkt
Accra Ghana 00233
#89192 by ratt84 Thu Mar 08, 2012 6:24 am
[email protected]
is still active, wrote back from Ghana and chose diff. but already known pics :lol:
Good morning xxx, Nice to hear from you, hope everything is okay with you.. Okay, let's get to know each other now..
Well, I have been in the service for 25years now and have been on this mission here in Afghanistan 18 months now, Have been in Iraq before for 9 months before getting here in Afghanistan..I am a widower and lost my wife by a lung cancer for 6yrs ago.. Was happily married for 21yrs.
Have 1 daughter who lives with his Mom's older sister now in the Netherlands. She've been there for almost 4yrs because of my deployments. She have to be in good hands. I am the only child to my perants and they are both deceased.
It is always hard to say something about my self but i have no option but to do that now, lol, I want to start by saying. I'm older and wiser but young at heart, A very low-maintenance person, easy going laid - back individual. I'm fun, sweet, thoughtful, and generous. I love to make people smile, to laugh and feel great about themselves and life in general. I'm very positive and upbeat, and I think I have a lot to offer and seeking someone similar, someone open and honest. I've learned from my past relationships, nothing is forever, so take the time to enjoy whats right in front of you, savor every moment together like it was your last. Physical attraction and chemistry is a must....
I enjoy going to the movies with my daugther and maybe you in the future. When I have time to watch TV which isn’t often, I watch shows on TV like the evening news, Survivor, X Men, Redskins football, and Deadliest Catch.
I enjoy spending time listening to music on the deck or by the pool with friends. I like all types of music but listen to 94.9 FM music most of the time.
I enjoy spending time on vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains and on the beaches of CA. Going out to dinner or taking a walk to a special place with a special person makes special memories. I like having fun and finding things to laugh about.
I like to do such things as traveling to far off destinations, water sports, scuba diving, concerts, movies, auctions, art shows, antiquing, and attending the ballet. (Recently swam with a pod of wild dolphins in the open sea off the coast of Antigua. Awe inspiring!) I can have fun doing anything even if it is just taking in dinner and a movie at the Town Center or a quiet evening at home with a DVD or an episode of Once Upon a Time. Can't help it; I love that show!
Whewww!! I hope this tells alot about me and who I am.. I was thinking of some questions but will have time and type those down and email you later.. You can ask me question if you have any.. Its better to ask question in momments like this.. Talk to you soon

first pic posted is photo-shopped
name tag on uniform - from Haggard to James :lol:
Received: from []
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2012
From: "Stuart R. James" <[email protected]>

Accra, GH

uid 0164373405
William Haggard, 50
from Ghana
uid 100002603143643
Jim Land
Sergeant First Class at United States Army Rangers
went to Centerburg High School
lives in Rosebud, Texas
from West Alexandria, Ohio
#108988 by Grunt Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:50 pm
Augustine Coleman
About Augustine
In a whole I'm a serious, ambitious and straightforward. I'm used to telling my thoughts aloud, so if you decide to know me, be ready to be honest and sincere. In relations I appreciate tact and modesty, we have to respect each other. And I will be with you as frank as can be...I’m very sociable and pleasant in communicating...My friends also say that I’m smart, responsible, joyful, romantic and attentive. I love to get acquainted with new people. I am punctual and courageous, but the most important in our life is to remain the optimist, which I am.
I would like to meet a kind, tactful, educated woman to love and to marry. I am seeking an open-minded and sincere woman for a serious relationship. I want someone to explore and share everything in life with. Someone who I can love, care and support, and who can do the same for me...



#108989 by Grunt Sun Jun 17, 2012 3:58 pm
Jame Richardson
Worked at millitry
Studied at Maimi University
Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan
About Jame
Well, I have been in the service for 25years now and have been on this mission here in Afghanistan 18 months now, Have been in Iraq before for 9 months before getting here in Afghanistan..I am a widower and lost my wife by a lung cancer for 6yrs ago.. Was happily married for 21yrs.



#123508 by ratt84 Fri Sep 07, 2012 11:26 am
How are you doing today and how is your day going well me and my friends hang out well yes l did work today well l am a pilot .....I'm pretty much a trusting person, for the most part.. However, I believe each person deserves their own chance and don't judge anyone.. In fact, I try to keep an open mind with everyone.. At least as much as a human being can.. I believe in ROMANCE! I love romance and being romantic.. I enjoy pampering my woman (when I have one that is)..

Am constantly told that I'm good looking and both look and act far younger than my age (while still being responsible for the most part).. Am considered intelligent, honest, capable of carrying on conversations on a variety of topics, kind, caring, giving, passionate, compassionate, a leader with a commanding presence, possessing a dry sense of humor and so much more! You will find me a contradiction in terms.. I can be intense yet laid back, intelligent yet do some of the most stupid things, yet shy, a leader yet not afraid to take directions and be a role player, funny yet serious, etc..

I do not seek a replacement mother for my son.. Rather, I seek one amazing woman who not only accepts my relationship with my son but won't feel threatened by nor jealous of this relationship and who can meld seamlessly into our family unit..

I guess I'm looking for a woman who can love me as I am (good, bad and ugly).. Someone who can relate about life and it's ups and downs and will want to share them.. I want my match to be able to work together to obtain goals that we've both set.. I'd like us to be able to grow as individuals as well as a couple.. I'd want our relationship to be secure so that we could feel comfortable and trust each other completely without question!..

I would want her to be everything and she mine... A friendship that grows into the ultimate loving/caring/passionate relationship that one only dreams of.. I don't want to just live with someone, I want someone I can't imagine living without.. I hope that makes sense.. I guess I'm searching for my missing piece to my puzzle..

I am at a great place in my life now and want to share it with a partner on all levels.. I always say that it's what on the inside that counts and that always makes a person attractive on the outside as well.. I want to be with someone that I miss when we are not together and I can feel the electricity running through body when we touch.. Someone who likes to cuddle(I know this probably sounds corny), hold hands, hug, kiss for no reason, I want to be the couple when were 80 walking down the street and holding hands.. I just love that when I see it.. Like you I just won't settle..

I do not have a particular physical "type" that appeals to me.. I am not the jealous type by any means.. I believe that in a relationship you have to be a family regardless if the children are not biologically yours a family is a family no matter what! I would never try to be a replacement father it just can't be done, but to be there for that child and support them and be a part of their life is a important thing!..

I hope that I didn't bore you with all this information... I did not date for close to 4 years after my wife's death all because I wanted to make sure that I knew what I want and that I was in a good place in my life and ready to share it with a partner.. I am at that place!..

I am willing to relocate provided that the relationship is moving in a long term/serious direction.. I am not interested in bopping around "trying women out".. LOL... On a more serious side, I am not about having sex with just anyone.. I must have feelings for the person and she for me.. There must be that deep seeded trust before it would move to the sexual phase.. There's just too many diseases out here and to be honest, I've seen what they can do to a life if you're careless sexually.. I wouldn't want that for anyone I know or care about.. Don't get me wrong though, if the relationship were to get to that phase, I am completely into pleasing my woman.... COMPLETELY!

Hopefully I have intrigued you to some extent.. And I do hope to hear from you soon! Take care.. Please feel free to ask me anything you like I will be more than happy to answer your questions.. Tell me a lot more about you and what you looking for.. Well, I will let you go for now..Have a wonderful day and I hope none of this scared you off..

God Bless You...
Thomas willson

Received: from []
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2012
From: Tom Willson <[email protected]>
Accra, Ghana


#159720 by JustShelley Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:41 pm
----- Forwarded Message -----
From: David Edwards <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, March 29, 2013 12:35 AM
Subject: Hello there

Hello This Is David Edwards James, I Saw Your Profile On Senior People Meet And I became Interested In Your Profile And I De-sided To Email You...Here Are My Pics I Hope You Will Send Me Yours In Return ...Hope TO Here From You Soon, Take Care...

My response:

just me wrote:To: David Edwards <[email protected]>;
Sent: Friday, March 29, 2013 10:23 AM
Subject: Re: Hello there

Uhmmm well... I haven't been on Sr. People Meet for quite a while as I have been in a committed relationship since last August. I inactivated my account and asked them to delete my profile. Apparently, it hasn't been done, and I'll be checking into it today. I am curious, however, as to how you have my personal email address and are soliciting contact with me. Just a bit of advice for your future endeavors, you might NOT want to email THREE girls at the same time, and I must admit their email addresses look familiar to me for some reason. You also might want to use spell check and work on the grammar.. it's definitely that of someone who isn't "local."

And just another little tidbit.. I was on the online dating scene for a while during the past few years. I catch on to things pretty quickly because of the experience. If your name is David Edwards James (which the Edwards middle name seems odd)... your picture definitely shows the name of Stuart R. James. Nice try! Time for you to move on and lose my email address, k?

I'm not sure how this site works - I just googled the Stuart R James name by putting together the email name and pictures. I would upload the pics he sent me, but I don't know how. The three pics he sent me are different than the ones seens here, but it's the same guy!!!

Edited to correct coding and to remove other potential victim's email addresses. ~Bubbles
#159852 by Bubbles Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:47 pm
Welcome to ScamWarners JustShelley. It is great that you realized you were receiving messages from a scammer. Scammers do not care about the facts, they just hope to get someone to believe their lies and start sending them money.

The link in my signature line explains how to post photos. Please be certain to deface them before posting them here. Thank you.

Bubbles, former Scamwarners moderator.

Rest in Peace 24 June 2015.

Gone, but never forgotten.

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